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Very confused - HSG or SHG?

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HarryHarry Fri 19-May-17 20:49:47

Please help! I’m 31 years old and I have been TTC #1 for 7 months. I am originally from London but currently live in a French-speaking city for work. This week my doctor sent me to the local hospital to have my tubes checked for blockages following a botched abortion when I was a teenager. I thought he said I was going to have the test with the dye and the x-rays (which I think is the HSG) but it turned out to be the one with the saline and the ultrasound (which I think is the SHG). The gynecologist told me that everything looked fine – she explained that she had forced air into my tubes, which appeared on the monitor as a burst of white light, indicating that there are no blockages – but I am worried that something may have been lost in translation.

Did I have the right test? I have been Googling for ages but I keep reading contradictory things about them. Some people use the terms ‘HSG’ and ‘SHG’ interchangeably, as if they are the same thing, while others say that the HSG is better for checking tubal blockages, but that other factors – such as cost, rather than effectiveness – influence which one you are given. Still others say that the HSG is being phased out in favour of the SHG as x-rays are riskier than ultrasound. Does anybody know which one is better for this kind of thing?

I would really appreciate it if someone could explain what the differences are between the HSG and SHG and their respective pros/cons so I can decide whether to ask for the other test. (The sonographer mentioned that the SHG can actually improve your chances of conceiving but I also read that the HSG is more likely to do that. It would be great to hear some success stories from people who have had the SHG).

I should add that I have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which may be (and probably is) why I haven’t got pregnant yet, but I am looking for any glimmer of hope to keep me going after so many months of trying and failing!

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for your help!

Tttttt Tue 15-Aug-17 16:59:17

Hello, I'm wondering the same thing! Did you ever find out more information? My doctor insists that she can check if my tubes are open with the SHG test (and to do that instead of the HSG), but I'm a little apprehensive since I'm seeing different things online. I don't want to question her authority so I feel bad but I can't help but worry!

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