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Cdt2727 Tue 16-May-17 23:57:18

Hi! I'm newly pregnant. I am just seeking some non-judmental clarity before I get called disgusting and other foul names understand that I am well aware of how careless my decisions have been and am seeking actual answers, not judgment.

So here it goes,
I am 6w pregnant according to ultrasound (already visited the OBGYN). My LMP was April 1st,2017. Before my period my boyfriend and I had a short falling out, (march 26th) and in that time I had sex with my ex. Fast forward like I said, started my menstral cycle as usual on April 1st. I did not have sex with my ex from that point forward.

I got back together with my current boyfriend April 5th

(About)Two weeks after, I took a negative pregnancy test, which would've been around my fertile days that my boyfriend and I got back together (which is when I conceived most likely) . Which is logical. Now, may 5th I took a positive pregnancy test, and now have gone to the obgyn and they confirmed my dates with my period are accurate (I know for the first two weeks you aren't really pregnant), and I know also because of the test. Considering I got my period, and the dating, the likelihood of guy A (my ex) of being the father is very slim, correct?

nimnom1 Wed 17-May-17 03:06:14

If you haven't had sex with your ex after your last period, it can't be his baby.

frogsgoladidahdidah Wed 17-May-17 05:05:14

What nim said.

RedPanda25 Wed 17-May-17 06:53:29

I agree OP, if your dates are correct for that ovulation and you've had a period since then it can't be your ex's. Good luck for your pregnancy!

Cdt2727 Thu 18-May-17 02:12:37

Thank you guys so much!!!! smile

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