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Coming off the contraceptive pill

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Lilmiss0788 Mon 15-May-17 20:36:48

Hi All,
I've been on the contraceptive pill since my last child who is now six. I've been off the pill for about 3 or 4 weeks. I've been getting an achy pain in my lower abdomen for the last few days. Is this a normal symptom from stop the contraceptive pill after being on it for a few years???

RedPanda25 Mon 15-May-17 20:52:27

Hi @Lilmiss0788, when I came off the pill to have my first ds a couple of years ago it took ages for hormones to come out of my body. If I remember rightly, I had boob pain, tummy ache, more spots than usual and was moody. I personally think it was all normal symptoms for me. I hope they ease for you soon! It took about 2 months I think before I started feeling right again. Hope that helps!

InsideOutUpsideDown Mon 15-May-17 21:19:34

Hi Lilmiss, i came off bcp end of jan, i had my withdrawel bleed within two days, then what i thought was a 28day cycle. The next cycle was 51days, throughout which i had quite bad tummy cramps and alot of general discomfort, i was terribly bloated. I had headaches and a couple of bouts of sickness. My boobs were so painful i slept in a bra and mu hormones were crazy,i cried for pretty much two days solid at one point. I felt that bad i went to the dr and was refrrered for blood tests etc (all were fine). My next and most recently cycle was only 15 days, so after waiting five weeks for an af i then had two within three weeks, hasnt been alot of fun if im honest. I was only on the pill for about six months but its still had such a massive affect on me. I been feeling alot better this month, im currently on cd15 so am hoping for a normal 28day cycle. All i would say is try to be patient, give your body time to readjust, obviously you think something else is wrong visit the dr.

Lilmiss0788 Mon 15-May-17 21:34:19

Thank you for your replies x
I don't remember any of this when I came off the pill last time (years ago though)
I feel so uncomfortable, extra greasy skin and headaches. Glad to hear it's all a normal process though and will hopefully pass xx

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