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CD50 with lots of bfn and no af-what's going on?

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Fayemay27 Mon 15-May-17 18:07:53

Hi everyone,

So I'm on CD 50 with no sign of af coming. Usually my cycles are 28-30 days and I have no idea what's going on. I've tested 3 times and all bfn. I think I'm going to book an appointment with my doctor.

I am 30 and TTC #1 on cycle 8

Anyone else in the same boat?

HighlandMcChancer Tue 16-May-17 06:52:55

Hi, I'm on CD65 my cycles are usually 30-32 days, so in the same boat as you, I know I have PCOS though and am as yet not panicking although I'm grumpy because we are TTC. Have woke this morning nauseous and bursting for the loo but that could just be hormones.

No advise really but didnt want to read and run, or think you were alone xx

Rabiya Thu 18-May-17 07:59:17

Hi, same boat.... i am on cd50 and bfn no sign of af and my cycle ranges from 28 -35. So confused!!! going for blood test on 22nd. Ttc#1 on cycle 3.

HighlandMcChancer Thu 18-May-17 08:34:18

I've got an appointment next Friday to find out what's going on with me xx

Rabiya Thu 18-May-17 08:41:45

Keep us posted!! Cd65 is long ...u should have Done bt before!!

HighlandMcChancer Thu 18-May-17 09:45:52

I know but I keep thinking aww it'll arrive etc, phoned Drs yesterday and that's the first appointment they could give me 😫 xx

Fayemay27 Thu 18-May-17 18:07:47

Hi ladies,

Af finally appeared for me today-CD 53 and my god she has come with a vengeance!

Feeling relief but I have also made a gp appointment as I'm not sure why so late! What a stress.

Let us know how you get on @HighlandMcChancer! The first app I could get is the 31st May!

Rabiya Sat 20-May-17 03:31:38

again bfn yesterday!! is cd51 no af....on cd 54 i have an appointment for blood test and if it is negative i will ask them to check whether i ovulated or not....and do ultrasound etc see whats going wrong if i am not preg....*@HighlandMcChancer*...keep us updated....

Rabiya Mon 19-Jun-17 10:37:09


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