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Sunday squinter

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Juno2002 Sun 14-May-17 05:51:16

Morning all! I never imagined myself doing this but can anyone else see a line?! It came up in the 3 mins but has got slightly stronger since. I'm 12dpo and got another proper squinter on an IC last night. Fx!

Mumofawarrior12 Sun 14-May-17 05:58:47

Hello. Yep I definatly see 2 lines. Congratulations xx

DontBeBlueBeARainbow Sun 14-May-17 06:02:16

With the highest brightness on my phone I see it! Crossing my fingers for you xx

numberseven Sun 14-May-17 06:04:38

I see it. Congratulations!

MotherofBoy Sun 14-May-17 06:27:39

I see it!

Juno2002 Sun 14-May-17 06:29:06

Aww thank you so much for the reassurance. I'll try and wait a couple of days and test again (maybe) grin at least there's a bit of hope!

MmmMalbec Sun 14-May-17 06:32:17

Yep don't even have to zoom in! Congratulations!

Kittykat89 Sun 14-May-17 09:12:04

That's a positive! Congratulations! grinflowers x

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