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Squinter or evap?

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Domyeyesdecieveme Sat 13-May-17 19:56:12

Due AF today, I have pretty regular cycles 28-30 days. Currently on CD31 took a test this afternoon so not FMU. Didn't go back to the test until 10 minutes later and I'm unsure if I can see a second line? Would be grateful for any opinions?

PoppinsMoppins Sat 13-May-17 20:00:07

I can see something. Do you have any more?

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Sat 13-May-17 20:01:34

Do you have any more? I can definitely see a line, but it's in the wrong place... but then so is the control line!

Domyeyesdecieveme Sat 13-May-17 20:02:30

Yes I bought two from boots, unsure whether I should test with FMU tomorrow or wait a few more days.

Domyeyesdecieveme Sat 13-May-17 20:13:34

I thought exactly the same thing about the lines being in the wrong place too!

Singingforsanity Sat 13-May-17 20:13:34

Well there's definitely a line but you can't know if it's a real one or an evap if you didn't check in time! Fingers crossed for you but you need to test again!

BettyOBarley Sat 13-May-17 20:20:13

It looks positive to me but agree that the lines are in the wrong place - maybe the strip inside has slipped? Can you take it apart?

Domyeyesdecieveme Sat 13-May-17 20:26:24

I've taken it apart, I'm thinking evap as I didn't check in time.

Mumofawarrior12 Sat 13-May-17 20:27:07

Definatly see another line hun. I reckon it's positive.
Good luck for tomorrow morning hun. Xx

ew1990 Sat 13-May-17 20:29:34

I took the exact same test and my lines weren't centre to the window like yours, 14 weeks now xx

Domyeyesdecieveme Sat 13-May-17 20:43:47

I'm actually terrified to be honest. The last time I had a faint test like this I had an ectopic pregnancy. I could also be worrying unnecessarily, only time will tell I suppose. Thank you everyone smile

BettyOBarley Sat 13-May-17 20:57:50

Good luck for tomorrow if you decide to test.

For what it's worth I think that's positive - mine stayed like that til quite a few days after AF was due even though a clearblue said 3+

Do come back and let us know!

Writerwannabe83 Sat 13-May-17 22:36:38

I used that test (the one with the purple cap) at about 14dpo and got a very faint BFP. My test line was also very close to the casing of the test, that's just how those tests are. I'm saying positive sad

Writerwannabe83 Sat 13-May-17 22:36:54

That should be a happy face grin

SelfObsessionHoney Sat 13-May-17 22:38:05

Are these boots tests? Cos mine looked exactly like that, the line was over to the left and quite pale. But mine was deffo positive.

Domyeyesdecieveme Sat 13-May-17 22:57:06

Yes it's a Boots test, I've never used them before but it was the nearest place on the drive home today. I can't sleep now, would I be best to test again in the morning or wait a couple of days?

SelfObsessionHoney Sat 13-May-17 23:00:01

I got my positive on those tests, really pale, wonky. I'd take another test tomorrow, a different brand just to ease your mind. I don't think it matters on most tests if you use first morning wee or not.

Domyeyesdecieveme Sun 14-May-17 07:34:33

Same result this morning although I did check within three minutes this time. I'm going to pop out this morning and pick up an alternative brand.

Kittykat89 Sun 14-May-17 09:08:42

I don't rate those tests, I had the faintest bfp of all the (ahem) 15 tests I've taken in the last week on those. I'd retest on a first response, clear blue or sainsburys test! Good luck! X

Mumofawarrior12 Sun 14-May-17 09:19:25

Best of luck domyeyes
Post back let us know how you get on xx

Domyeyesdecieveme Sun 14-May-17 11:19:41

I went and got the first response tests and I think it's positive, I'm in complete shock!

ew1990 Sun 14-May-17 11:28:09

Aww yay! Congratulations xx

Domyeyesdecieveme Sun 14-May-17 11:28:35

I took the first pic as soon as it came up, this one is after two minutes so looks darker

ew1990 Sun 14-May-17 11:29:31

The first one wasn't even a faint line, how exciting xx

Orlandointhewilderness Sun 14-May-17 11:42:03

very definitely a BFP!! Aw, congratulations and hope all goes well for you.

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