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Advice needed 're RMC and TTC beforehand

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MulderitsmeX Thu 11-May-17 22:38:10

Hi all,
I think I may need you to beat some sense into me as I'm asking an impossible question here:

I have an appointment with the RMC on 20th June, I was expecting the appointment to come through in July or August so was planning to have time to ttc in the meantime.

My miscarriages are:
Chemical x 4 weeks
mmc x 8 weeks
Chemical /natural x 5 weeks

Now I'm going out of my tiny mind thinking I have to hold off ttc until July (have been told by rmc not to be pregnant when I turn up and af due basically the next day so next fertile period is 7 July).

I'm having a thrombophylia screening in early June (separately from rmc) so am not ttc this month. Now im thinking that's an error!!!

Do you reckon it's worth ttc in June and just going to the rmc maybe like 12 days past O? I'm beginning to to think that maybe the MC were bad luck as only the 8 week one was a feutus, the rest were so early maybe I'm fine and should just get back on the ttc horse? But equally it's only 7 weeks and the rmc might be mega helpful.

I've been taking 7 seas which I've heard lengthens your cycles to try to make my period come a week or so late - I know I'm losing it here!!!

So frustrated as seem to make a baby every time I try but can't keep them in there. Would they notice if I was a teeny weany bit pregnant? Would it really mess up the tests that badly?

Sorry for the massive rant!

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