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Could I talk to someone?

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angryladyboobs Thu 11-May-17 22:19:36

I have one beautiful daughter. My world. But I'd love another child and she'd love a sibling (she asks me at least once a week).

Spoke to DP about it and he doesn't want to 'try' but would be happy if it happened.

So no taking vitamins, only sex when we want it, not when it's 'time'.

I'm currently using OPK's to find out if I'm actually ovulating.

I have severe PCOS, I'm on metformin and trying to loose weight.

We've agreed that if I'm not pregnant by December 2019, he'll get the snip. So 18 months.

I'm so grateful for my daughter, I'm just sad at the prospect on a small time frame to get pregnant for another child.

I don't know why I'm writing this really.

MulderitsmeX Thu 11-May-17 22:45:41

angrylady flowers
Did It take a long time to conceive DD last time and did you know you had pcos then? Having her is a really positive indication that your body can do it.

What are dp's reasons for getting the snip? Can you agree 6 months of proper 'ttc 6 months casual and go like that in cycles if he's worried it will take over the relationship? (Which could be why he's suggested the snip).

It's a tough situation, sending unmumsnetty hugs x

angryladyboobs Fri 12-May-17 06:16:15

It took about 18 months before I got pregnant with her. And what's worrying me is that my PCOS has got a lot worse since then.

He'll get the snip because I told him I'll go back on the pill. Because I don't want TTC to take over my life. I've been off work (full time work) and I'm currently at Uni as well as SAHM.

I want to get back to work and progress my career. Taking another break having a child once I've started to go further will really hinder my future career.

So once DD is at school this September I'll be going back to work at a base level whilst I continue my studies and TTC.

Basically if i don't get pregnant within 18 months, I'm going to take it as it's not meant to be.

angryladyboobs Fri 12-May-17 06:16:47

Thanks @MulderitsmeX x

MummyWuks Fri 12-May-17 09:13:51

I'm PCOS, had hell of a trouble conceiving first time. I'm now considering ivf again as an egg sharer as apparently we have high ovarian reserve probably as we rarely ovulate? The fact you had your daughter naturally is a good sign. However I know PCOS is miserable, I've switched mine off at the moment with the Pill but when I'm not on it it's severe.
That is really tough that your partner is not on board. It seems somewhat narrow to insist on such a time frame. After all circumstances change unexpectedly. I know it's very difficult studying and working with small children.
OPKs give false readings for PCOS due to the hormone imbalance. All they will do is stress you.
I know how difficult it is having those broody feelings flowers

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