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Rainsbow Wed 10-May-17 08:59:57

Calculate CD1 after stopping the combined pill. Is it:

1) the day you take the last pill
2) the day after the last pill
3) the first day of withdrawal bleed

Based on the above, I could now either be CD 26, 25 or 22.

Rainsbow Wed 10-May-17 09:52:45


KittyKat73 Wed 10-May-17 09:57:12

I would count it the first day of your withdrawl bleed as your first day is usually the day your period arrives. dont worry if you then go on to have a longer than usual cycle. my first proper non pill cycle was 42 days but iv seen ladies on here talk about even longer ones. it just depends how long it will take your body to get used to its own hormones.


MissBel12 Wed 10-May-17 21:36:42

I agree, probably first day of withdrawal bleed, but it could take a while for it to settle down into a regular cycle. You should get an app to start tracking your cycle

Rainsbow Fri 12-May-17 06:08:22

Thanks well I came on this morning on, based on CD1 birth withdrawal bleed, is CD24.

KittyKat73 Fri 12-May-17 16:16:59

thats good it came so quickly! it might be longer for your first natural cycle though but FX it regulates itself quickly. Good luck smile

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