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Fertility friend - can someone look at my chart please?

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Emilyxeliza Tue 09-May-17 07:59:23


I had my progesterone test on cd21 and I had a feeling that my ovulation was delayed this month (on 50mg Clomid 5-9), how accurate is fertility friend? Does my chart look fairly in line with ovulation patterns?

MotherofBoy Tue 09-May-17 08:03:18

I think rule is temp rise must be higher than 6 preceding temps? Same with temp dip? Your temp dip matches that rule and you do have three sustained temp rises after when ff says you ovulated plus ewcm beforehand so I would say you ovulated based on that. Maybe not definitely cd22, I'd say could be anytime between cd20 and cd22

MotherofBoy Tue 09-May-17 08:04:50

What time was your positive opk on cd20? I'd hazard a guess ovulation overnight cd20/21 unless opk was in the morning then v possible could be afternoon of cd20 which would fit with temp dip and rise on chart

MotherofBoy Tue 09-May-17 08:07:23

Here are my last two charts:

Emilyxeliza Tue 09-May-17 09:01:17

Hi motherofboy

My positive OPK was at around 2/3pm, but to be honest the line was just as dark as the control line, and usually mine are much darker than the control line in previous cycles. Had a very weird cycle this month so I'm not 100% sure of when I actually ovulated, I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the morning of cd21 as I didn't have my usual aches and thought 'bugger, my day 21 bloods are going to come back as nothing!'...
Thanks for your help!! Your charts look much more accurate than mine.. haha! 😬

Emilyxeliza Tue 09-May-17 09:03:09

Sorry i meant to say I haven't had any aches or pains as I usually do.. hence why I'm so confused! 😅

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