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Thread 29 | The one with the BFPs (please)

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Londonjam Mon 08-May-17 10:17:50

Calling all OPK-ers, Temp-ers, Clomid-ers, Femara-ers, IUI-ers, IVF-ers and anyone else on the TTC #1 Bus.

We've been going a while now so the novelty has worn off and we're slightly battle scarred and bruised in the cervix area. We don't get a lot of baby dust in these here parts, we just keep it legs spread and fingers crossed (LSFX). We love a baby bomb from a prior bus-mate but if we get told to 'just relax and enjoy it' ONE MORE TIME you will get a punch in the face!

Hop on board, post your stats and prepare to be dazzled by the wealth of TTC knowledge we long-timeys have to share...

HS - have/had sex
GOS - good old shag
ELH - enthusiastic lavatory happenings
LSFX - legs spread, fingers crossed

Londonjam Mon 08-May-17 10:22:19

Fresh new thread with fresh new hope

I'm jam
33 years young
Cycle 18, TTC1
Previously working with slight MFI, now all normal / no problems
HSG booked this week, clomid ready for next cycle.

Good luck everyone xx

Kathrino Mon 08-May-17 10:49:37

Thanks for the new thread Jam. The old one seemed to fill up super quick.

Anyway, Kathrino here. 33. CD 16 of cycle 17 and never a sniff of a BFP. DH has lower than average morphology so probably heading down the IVF route in due course.

LoveRainbow02 Mon 08-May-17 10:54:03

Hi I'm rainbow
23 years old
Ttc #1
Previous miscarriage at 7 weeks in February
Ttc over 2 years
IUI scheduled for this summer.

Currently late by 12 days this cycle and keep getting bfn ๐Ÿ˜”!

LisaSimpsonsbff Mon 08-May-17 10:57:47

Thanks for the new thread! My details:

Cycle 8 (started TTC last August), but very early miscarriages (both 5 weeks) in cycles 6 and 7.
Just going into the tww, but unfortunately missed my fertile window this time, so looks like a write-off cycle.

Pyjamas81 Mon 08-May-17 11:01:47

Thanks for the new thread jam!

Pyjamas here -
36 years old
Currently in FW (CD13)of cycle 12 (snore)
AF due 22 May although looks like am ov'ing late so that will probably change
Tests done and I have Low AMH for my age, DH was fine.
We have our appt at fertility clinic to kick off IVF on 15th May.

So annoyed I haven't got a positive opk yet, I've never ov'd this late and am now going to have to shift my trip or it'll be pointless!

florafoxtrot Mon 08-May-17 11:07:08

Thanks jam

My stats:
TTC #1
Cycle 11
21 day blood and hubby SA scheduled for this month. Hoping for the best but preparing to need some sort of help. Love a TTC initiative and am the one "always trying something new" hmm

QuietTime Mon 08-May-17 11:22:36

Thanks for the new thread, jam, that went quickly!

32 yrs
Cycle 4 or 5?
CD 24
AF due...tomorrow? Or Thurs at latest

Am slowly/reluctantly adding 'something new' each month, flora as 'let's just see what happens' approach fades away smile grapefruit juice, am looking at you...

WingingIt83 Mon 08-May-17 11:22:38

Thanks jam for a shiney new thread!

Age 33
Cycle 15, currently in tww. Have stopped temping and ignored my app since ovulation so have actually forgotten what cd I'm on.

Referred by gp after poor SA results, but at first appointment told they aren't as terrible we thought due to changed NICE guidelines - I'm not particularly reassured!
Waiting to receive an appointment for ultrasound and then follow up is in August which seems ages away. Two people i know will have given birth by then! !

bassetmum Mon 08-May-17 11:23:43

May I join you ladies?

Ttc #1
Cycle 10

Got baby bombed by my sister on her first month of trying so I am currently beating myself up as thats both my siblings getting upduff stupidly quickly and I am not. I think I managed to keep my jealousy under wraps though.

Possibly wondering if there are any tests the dr can do before we hit the year mark.

Flashinthepan Mon 08-May-17 11:38:47

Good work Jam!

Flash here
28 (very young according to the gynaecologist!)
Cycle 7
Ectopic a year ago(!), had some more scans and all seems fine.
Got progesterone for 3 cycles to see if that sorts out the LP spotting.

This is the BFP thread, I'm sure of it!

HepKestrel Mon 08-May-17 11:42:14


cycle - who knows. been trying since oct 2015. But had a 6 month break in AF due to stress stopping AF, and then a mc.
6 cycles post mc.

welcome basset!

harrietm87 Mon 08-May-17 11:47:00

Welcome newbies! Thanks jam for the thread!

I'm harriet.
Age 30. Slightly battle scarred now after miscarriages on cycles 2, 3 and 4 (4 weeks, 5 weeks, 9 weeks).

Spending all my savings on private tests this Thursday. Hoping they will sort me out!

LisaSimpsonsbff Mon 08-May-17 11:47:03

Hi basset - remember you from another thread! Sorry to see that you're also still stuck in this TTC business. Sorry about the baby bomb, too. My brother's girlfriend is pregnant - a 'happy accident'! I actually haven't found it too bad - my family were worried I'd be upset because they found out at almost exactly the same time as I had my first mc - but I think maybe a brother's easier than a sister in some ways?

HepKestrel Mon 08-May-17 12:18:29

decided I am taking a break from opks for a couple of cycles. Think they only add to my stress.

InspectorPenguin Mon 08-May-17 13:04:19

Thanks for the thread Jam.

Just a quickie for now:
36, TTC for 15 months, no identified issues, will likely pursue IVF in the summer.

Hi to newbies and sorry to hear about injuries, AF and irritating cycle changes.

I think a positive OPK is due today so another TWW looms ๐Ÿ˜’

sk1pper Mon 08-May-17 13:12:41

Age: 29
Cycle: 22

Have unexplained fertility, had all tests inc HSG. Now being put on Clomid until IVF.

Carley27 Mon 08-May-17 13:32:10

Placemarking/saying hello! I still lurk on this thread others are not as good to see how everyone is getting on.

Sorry to those who have had tough times lately, hope this is a lucky thread flowers

LisaSimpsonsbff Mon 08-May-17 13:42:18

Just thought I'd repost this since it was right at the end of the last thread: bit sad/frustrated today because I got a positive OPK yesterday but then DH couldn't finish. I'd been away since Friday (and so haven't had sex since Thursday night) so that's our chance for this month gone. He was upset about it so I tried not to show I was, and we did talk about having this as a month off after the second miscarriage anyway - but I can't help but feel a bit low about it today.

Part of me wonders whether to have sex tonight. I'm pretty certain I have now ovulated this morning, so the odds of success are low but I know it'll mean I still get a bit hopeful at the end of the 2ww. I wonder whether it's better psychologically not to and so know that there's no chance at all this cycle?

sk1pper Mon 08-May-17 13:46:00

Is it just me or have we generally become a long time TTC #1 thread?

Pugmummy87 Mon 08-May-17 13:58:22

Thank you for new thread jam

Cycle whatever now (have been trying since October 2015).
PCOS, early miscarriage in January.
Seen fertility consultant and currently working on getting bmi down. Had HSG last month, pelvic scan today.
CD2 sad

Have been teary all today. Had scan this morning, sonographer said all was fine, but she asked me a lot of questions about my cycles and her facial expression didn't exactly fill me with confidence.
Then got to work and got some crap news so ended up crying on my team leader. I feel so stressed at the moment. DH's anxiety has got worse on his new meds and I feel like I'm not putting on my best at work as I'm trying to juggle everything.
I'm sure hormones are making me feel worse today, but i can feel myself getting increasingly anxious/paranoid.

On the bright side I start Clomid today.

HepKestrel Mon 08-May-17 14:01:50


yes sad

most of us have stopped cycle counting.

AlexiaB Mon 08-May-17 14:04:28

Cycle 25 ๐Ÿ’”

Back on femara, grapefruit juice, 600mg CoQ10, shaggathon and God knows what else this cycle.

Just wanted to say thanks very much for all your lovely messages on the previous thread. Love you girls!

Welcome newbies ๐Ÿ‘‹

Thanks for the shiny new thread Jam. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with family.

Lisa I'm sorry things didn't go how you wanted last night. It's so frustrating! I've had similar issues with my dh in the past and I certainly didn't handle it even half as well as you did. I would try again tonight because you just never know. GL ๐Ÿ€

Skipper 100% agree. Most (maybe all?) the newbies who joined late last year / early this year have got their bfps. Most of us here now are at least cycle 10+ sad

Sorry about AF Pug flowers and anyone else who's had her arrive unwanted BITCH

AlexiaB Mon 08-May-17 14:12:24

XP Pug... I'm sorry you're feeling so teary today flowers I'm sure it's just stupid hormones and disappoint / stress all rolled into one. Glad the scan went well. Have confidence that you've conceived before and Clomid really could be the answer for you LSFX. Don't worry about her face, she was probably in a Monday morning mood! Sorry to hear about your dh too flowers Sending hugs and love xx

Flashinthepan Mon 08-May-17 14:13:00

Eurgh Skippper I agree. I think I'm one of shortest in terms of number of cycles and I don't include last year!

Pug sorry to hear it's been a shit day so far.

Lisa I think if you fancy it, go for it, for me anyway the 2WW is shit if I think I haven't done enough, and shit when I think I have and then AF turns up, might as well get a GOS out of it if you can.

Welcome to the newcomers!

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