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TTC hoping for BFP May 2017

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poppylou27 Thu 04-May-17 21:51:36

Hi there,

Just thought I'd start a thread on the off-chance there's anyone else out there TTC this month and wanting to share their journeys alongside someone in the same boat smile


Sazwest Thu 04-May-17 23:29:17

Me 🙂. My fertile window starts tomorrow AF due 23rd may ( hopefully she won't arrive and I will get my bfp ) ttc child number 4 xx

poppylou27 Fri 05-May-17 06:45:16

Hi @Sazwest awww fab news! Is this your first cycle trying for no 4? My fertile window starts soon, AF due 26th May so very similar to you! This will be baby number 1 after MMC in March but feeling hopeful smile

Sazwest Fri 05-May-17 06:54:29

@poppylou27 no it's my 4th cycle I got my coil out start of Feb fell straight away but had an early miscarriage. Yeh very similar in dates I really hope this month is our month x x

poppylou27 Fri 05-May-17 07:13:44

@Sazwest I'm sorry to hear about the EM, seems we're in a similar position with that as well and dates etc...I really do hope it is too!
It's the first cycle trying for me since the MMC so fingers crossed! I've looked into calculating ovulation and just bought some opks so hopefully I'll be able to track that and by the end of this month we'll both have some happy news grin

Sazwest Fri 05-May-17 07:29:45

Yeh I've been tracking with cheapie opks the last few months but this month I'm using clear blue dual ovulation ( and cheapie opks coz I just love poas lol ) apart from this morning I used a can ovulation stick and it come back invalid angry said use a new stick and it was my last one till new one arrives ( Ovia says my fertile window starts today ) x x

poppylou27 Fri 05-May-17 07:47:07

Awww that's rubbish! I've only bought the cheapie Ines as you get loads in them and don't know when I ovulate (first pregnancy was not really planned and quite a surprise although very welcome lol) my AF is so irregular I wouldn't even know where to start with ovulation but I've gone with a tough estimate and think my fertile window starts Thursday! It feels like weeks ago I started my AF, I hate the waiting game lol!

tankflybosswalkjamnittygritty Fri 05-May-17 07:58:53

Hello! This will be my first month trying since complicated miscarriage that ended in two erpc. Fertile window around mid month. Fingers crossed for us all.

Sazwest Fri 05-May-17 08:04:47

Yeh when I do the opks I do one with fmu then I do another about 2.30 pm then one about 10.30pm. The worst bit is the TWW after ovulation lol xx

ImoAsta Fri 05-May-17 08:19:05

Hi All,
Can I join too please?
I did start trying last month but unfortunately I had a surprise early visit from AF in my TWW so I'm now waiting for my fertile week which should happen next week!

I did use the cheapie OPKs but I was getting in such a pickle with them that I got the dual hormone ones from Clearblue. So far they are very easy to use and read!

FX for us all!


ForeverHopeful21 Fri 05-May-17 08:23:57

Hi everyone,
I'm currently in 2ww and hoping for BFP!!
This is my 1st cycle of TTC after my MC a couple of months ago. It took me 2.5 years to get pregnant so I'm kind of hoping for a miracle!

I dtd on the exact day that I got my clear blue static smiley face, and again the day after can't really do much more than that.
Fingers crossed for us all!! xx

Mamabooksbabynumber2 Fri 05-May-17 10:43:11

Hi ladies,

I'm on cd 25 and have 5 days till I can test. Dp away from this evening until Monday evening. Not sure I can hold out to test.

Ttc baby 2.
Cycle 3
Chemical last month

Anyone tempted to test early? I was thinking does it have to be Fmu with a frer?
Last no th I got my positive using a 25hcg on day 28.

Hope we all get bfp xxx

Mamabooksbabynumber2 Fri 05-May-17 10:45:29

hopeful I think if you std leading up to fw as much as possible as the sperm last up to 5 days. Whereas after ov the egg I think only hands around for about 24 hours

Mamabooksbabynumber2 Fri 05-May-17 10:46:00

*dtd not std confused

ForeverHopeful21 Fri 05-May-17 11:02:36

Mamabook I had already missed the start of ovulation as my cycle is all over the place post MC. I did the clear blue thinking that it was a couple of days early to test but low and behold the static smiley pops up! So I was a bit late with dtd but did all I could this month. Like I said ....hoping for a miracle smile x

poppylou27 Fri 05-May-17 15:53:19

@ImoAsta it seems that we're about the same dates, next week will be the beginning of my fertile window too! Hopefully it is our month!

@ForeverHopeful21 they do say you are more fertile post MC and it sounds like you've got the right day so you may just get your miracle this month! Fingers crossed for you!!

@Mamabooksbabynumber2 I know how hard it is too wait as I was like that when I fell in February! I did first response on day 26 and got a faint line, not like that helps you at all for waiting but it may show up! Have you noticed any symptoms/signs?


goingagain Fri 05-May-17 16:04:44

I have been lurking on these types of thread a bit which makes me think I should post!

We are going for number 4. I guess this is cycle 4. Cycles 1 and 2 were chemical pregnancies, big fat nothing last month, and currently CD4 so ten days or so to go to The Hot Zone for me.

Children 1 and 2 were conceived first month of trying, and no. 3 on third month (first month was a chemical, second resulted in early miscarriage at 6 weeks and I conceived immediately after that).

I have therefore been incredibly lucky thus far, I fear this one may take a bit more effort!

poppylou27 Fri 05-May-17 16:21:11

Hi @goingagain

Are you using any type of ovulation tracking? Just thinking with last month, it could have been the chemicals that made toy ovulate a little later than expected? I say this like I'm an expert in ovulation but it confuses the hell out of me hmm

It sounds like you're in a good position with falling so quickly with the first two and soon after with the third. It's good to hear other people are trying so soon after unfortunate MC as I've had a lot of people trying to put us off the idea of TTC and telling us to wait a couple a months to 'get back to normal' - suppose it's easier for people to say that when they're not in our position though!

goingagain Fri 05-May-17 16:35:01


I have used the Clear Blue Fertility monitor (the old style one, I bought it in late 2010!) for all pregnancies (well, apart from the last two cycles this time around as I forgot to pee on the stick in the morning) - it has been a magic charm for me!

Out of curiosity I have also used the cheap Amazon OPKs the last couple of cycles to see what they say vs the monitor, and I have noticed that they seem to pick up a 'peak' the day before the monitor does. This cycle I am just going to make sure we get jiggy plenty during the window and in the days running up to it. Last two cycles have only managed it the day of the peak and day after.... blush

I am also 36, I guess that is also probably going to have an impact!

Re miscarriages, after the early loss I had at 6 weeks the doc said it was fine to crack straight on.

poppylou27 Fri 05-May-17 16:47:42

@goingagain yeah I have the cheap amazon ones too! Only got them for this month though so haven't used any previously!

I have the same plan though, from next week it'll be whenever the opportunity arises lol, all corners covered then haha! Ahhh yeah, people have said that docs may say to wait for dating sake but other people that have said it I think are more concerned that we are grieving and maybe not thinking straight about trying again so soon! I think if the MC taught me anything it's that you really don't know what you had until it's taken away!

ForeverHopeful21 Fri 05-May-17 17:11:50

I think if the MC taught me anything it's that you really don't know what you had until it's taken away!

Amen to that Poppylou
Hugs xxx

poppylou27 Fri 05-May-17 17:50:12

@ForeverHopeful21 smilehugs to you too xxxx

ForeverHopeful21 Fri 05-May-17 18:19:20

I've had a slight ache in my left side over the past few hours but I have a huge ovarian cyst on that side so didn't think too much of it (I get aches and pains a lot!). Then I just went to the toilet and when I wiped, it looked like brown CM on the toilet paper.
I don't ever have spotting and its way too early for AF. I'm 5 dpo.
Am I overreacting?
I kind of got a flashback to the day that I MC, as it was brown cm that started the whole thing. Sorry if I'm being irrational x

Littleonek Fri 05-May-17 18:36:14

One tip for clear blue ovulation sticks.. i kept on getting an error when I put the stick into a pot of wee. Did some research online and people recommended to not just a pot and to hold it in my stream and keep it held downwards and not flat. For me that seemed to work no more invalid errors vs wasting 5 in a row all invalid errors.

Another tip I learnt whislt waiting four months for my period to return... with the digital clear blue pregnancy tests that say pregnant or not pregnant. Apparently they are less sensitive so use a first response test and if you get a postivie on this a few days later use the clear blue digital.

Im due on my period on monday, this was my first month of proper trying as I had to wait four months after stopping the pill for my period to return.

good luck everyone! smile

poppylou27 Fri 05-May-17 18:36:31

@ForeverHopeful21 could it be implantation bleeding? I remember 4 days after we dtd last time I had really sharp pain and brown cm which on reflection I thought it could have been the egg attaching.. I'm not big on the science behind it all but I definitely remembering it happening and thinking I wonder if that's what happened, albeit I didn't believe it as we weren't exactly trying for a baby at that point and shrugged it off, if that makes any sense at all lol xxx

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