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Bloody doctors!!

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user1488270932 Thu 04-May-17 09:05:55

Morning ladies.
So I've been to gp couple weeks back and asked for bloodwork. (Day 3 and 21, also wanted thyroid checked) been trying for 7-8mth and no joy. I'm 36😣
Gp was lovely and took me seriously. So fast forward to last week when I went back for results for my day 21, as they were first up. Asked for print out which I got. Now here's my issue. After doing bit of reading on here and web I think they have actually done them wrong way round.
These ones had fsh, lh, estradiol, test, free androgen and thyroid. No sign of progesterone.angry
Rang to speak to gp and she seems as puzzled as me. Though going by notes she left I don't think it was clear what she ordered.
Yest I was back in for day 3 bloods. Spoke to girl at reception who sent me in to nurse and I never checked with her what she was taking for as had assumed receptionist did. Turns out she thought I had as she said she thought I knew myself. They didn't fill as many phials, just 2 whereas there was 4 last time. Prob means very little, I now will have to wait another month for 're do of day 21 bloodsangry and thinking I should go back today and clarify what was ordered yest and ask for bloods again if they can't be sure they ordered the correct tests.
Sorry it's a long ramble but I'm moody as f.. at min and really stressed out and pissed off with this whole thing.
Can anyone here confirm what they look for on day 21 and day 3 bloods so I know for myself when I go in later.
Also, I noticed my fsh level was 12. Is that too high??
Thanks if still reading!! X

MotherofBoy Thu 04-May-17 09:12:36

Hi op didn't want to read and run though I personally don't know anything about blood tests!

Did find this useful uk website which explains what they test for though you may have already seen it: from what you have said does sound like they got the tests the wrong way round... so infuriating!

user1488270932 Thu 04-May-17 09:28:10

Hi! Thanks for the link I shall have a look! Soo frustrating!!

AmyC86 Thu 04-May-17 09:32:47

I know that on day 21 they look for progesterone xx above 16 is an indicator that you've ovulated.

user1488270932 Thu 04-May-17 09:52:10

Thanks Amy! Feel like a fucking pin cushion. angry

Chattycat78 Thu 04-May-17 14:39:45

Just to make you aware- fsh is supposed to be under 10. Above this suggests low ovarian reserve. I know this because mine was 12 at 34 and I was advised that I would need ivf.

That said- I did get pregnant both through ivf and without it age 34, 35 and 36 so it doesn't mean you can't conceive. What it does mean is that you might run out of time faster than other people the same age. Let me know if I can help further- I know a lot about this!

Ps- gps don't generally know much about this stuff as it's quite specialist. That could be why they've screwed your bloods up.

Chattycat78 Thu 04-May-17 14:40:54

Oh yes- day 21- progesterone test needed to see if you're ovulating.

Day 3- fsh and Lh to check for ovarian reserve or whether you have pcos

Chattycat78 Thu 04-May-17 14:42:30

One further point- if they gave you fsh and Lh results from day 21 then they are meaningless and I've worried you unnecessarily! (Sorry)

user1488270932 Thu 04-May-17 15:21:25

Just out of gp again. Spoke to nurse in treatment room who actually phoned lab to check what was ordered yest. They were down as day 21!!angry She asked them to change it to day 3 so didn't need to have any blood done today again. Just need to wait for day 21 again. Stupid dr had ordered wrong way round.

That makes me feel slightly better that day 3 done last time might not mean much as freaking out over them.

user1488270932 Thu 04-May-17 15:25:07

All my results are being sent to a doctor friend of ours in states. World renowned. Hes over with us in July and will be bringing everything I need then. I won't be waiting for gp to catch up. Im actually really down about it all and convinced I'm a dried up barren old hag.confused
I need chocolate. And prosecco.

Chattycat78 Thu 04-May-17 15:47:12

I doubt you are- especially as the results don't mean anything!

I must say though- gps are crap with this stuff. I had to demand to be referred to fertility clinic after my results because the useless gp said they were "fine". They weren't and it's a good job I realised that.

user1488270932 Thu 04-May-17 15:59:35

Yip they are pretty clueless. Hence me sending everything over to states. Well day 3 results will be in next week.

Chattycat78 Thu 04-May-17 16:01:27

Btw- 7/8 months trying isn't that long really. I know it probably feels it...don't panic yet though!

TurquoiseDress Thu 04-May-17 16:14:54

Day 21 bloods- measure the level of Progesterone.
On my result print-out it says that >30 is consistent with ovulation.

As far as I know "day 21" really only applies if you have a regular 28 day cycle, its meant to be a test approximately 7 days before your period is due/7 days post-ovulation.

Day 3 bloods- LH and FSH (if it is high, this indicates reduced ovarian reserve).

My results were Progesterone 57.8 LH 3.6 and FSH 6.7

Hang in there, it's very tough going at times- I am 38, on cycle 10 TTC after MMC last summer- coming up to a year since it happened now & cannot believe I am not pregnant! (2 previous pregnancies aged 34 & 37- no planning/preparation or timing- it just happened when I stopped the combined pill!)

Good luck OP

user1488270932 Thu 04-May-17 17:37:34

Sorry to hear about your experiences Turquoise. Tough going.
My understanding of fsh and lh is that lh should be lower than fsh and if higher can indicate a problem. Obv high fsh not good either. My concern now would be that while those readings are from wrong day in cycle, they are what they are so could indicate a problem regardless?

Thanks also to chattycat. I will prob torture you for info now lol!!

TurquoiseDress Thu 04-May-17 18:27:24

My understanding is that the numbers must be interpreted within the context of which day in the cycle they were taken.

e.g. with the progesterone- it is looking to confirm if ovulation did take place, so I don't think there would be any point taking a progesterone level on say, CD5 and the result wouldn't have much meaning (I think).

user1488270932 Fri 05-May-17 10:13:22

Ok that's helpful. Just have to wait and see next week then. Thanks again ladies! X

Viletta Fri 05-May-17 11:17:58

Do they check if endometrium is thick enough if the second phase? They could see ovulation and endometrium on ultrasound.. in planning my visit to a gp and collecting info of what sorts of things they offer first. Will they check DH as well?

user1488270932 Wed 10-May-17 14:54:55

So an update. Picked up results today to find they did indeed do day 21 bloods instead of day 3.angryangryangry
They gave me results for progesterone and testosterone as gp wanted that 're tested. Fucking raging. Actually want to kill dead things. How can they be so stupid?? Ffs. So now I have to get to to order them again and then it's another 3-4 week wait til I have the correct results. Going to gym. Take it out on the squat rack. Fucktards.

MotherofBoy Wed 10-May-17 20:08:34

Arggghhhh how f-ing infuriating!! angry

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