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Lightening bolts up the ladygarden- Cycle buddies, BFP's due end of May. #thread2,

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LeannieRVN Tue 02-May-17 14:15:55

As promised! Cycles buddies for end of may BFPs smile
Thought we could post stats and I'll make a list to ref to if you guys like? Put as much or little as you like (or nothing, no pressure!)
Here's mine!
Cycle 3
BFP due 24th-28th (little irregular lately)
Age 40

holzyb20 Tue 02-May-17 14:42:41

Hi just been reading your last thread, I wondered if anyone could help me?

little bit of background I have pcos bit overweight (working on losing it) and don't ovulate. I have been taking Angus cactus and maca root to see if this helps me ovulate along with having reflexology and some oils made up by a lady qualified in aromatherapy. I have previously used opks and NEVER had any kind of line on them at all but today (cycle day 12) iv had a faintish line come up (first one ever) I'm getting very excited does this mean I am on my way to ovulation??

DT2016 Tue 02-May-17 14:49:02

I'm with you!
Here's my stats:
Cycle: 1 (after complicated miscarriage last year)
TTC: #2
BFP due: approx 17-19 May
Age: 39
I'm feeling tentatively hopeful but also absolutely terrified.
Fingers crossed for lots of BFPs all round.

Binglesplodge Tue 02-May-17 15:14:26

Here, Miss! Rolling over from the last thread: here's to more graduates this time round...

Cycle: 2
TTC #2
BFP due 27th May
Age 35.

LeannieRVN Tue 02-May-17 17:03:21

Hi guys! Great to see you
I see it holzy! I syruggled woth OPKs until i found if I restrict drink for 4 hours, poas, drink (to avoid dehydration), pee....then start all again, I don't miss the LH surge....not sure I that might help you. I'd say keep testing at least 3x a day like for me

Reanie Tue 02-May-17 17:27:17

Hi ladies, I'm also jumping aboard from the other thread

Cycle: 3
TTC: #1
BFP due: 30th May
Age: 33

LeannieRVN Tue 02-May-17 17:42:58

Sorry for your loss DT. Sending you lots of good luck xx

Fayemay27 Tue 02-May-17 19:24:06

Can I join you ladies?

Age: 30
Cycle: 7
CD: 37 so not sure when BFP due
TTC #1

I came off the pill in Sept and I was regular 27/28 days up until last month where I was 2 weeks late (got bfn twice) and this month I am now 10 days late again. I thought I saw a very very faint squinter last Thursday but when I took another test a couple of days later it was the darker. I have zero symptoms now and scared to test again.

DT2016 Tue 02-May-17 19:54:04

Thanks Leannie. Best of luck to you too xx

1000jobstodo Tue 02-May-17 21:20:18

Well hello again!
Ttc: #2
Cycle:tbc- I'm still waiting to see whether my fading line will fade completely or grow stronger. No symptoms now so I feel I will be staying on this thread and moving to next cycle!
Cycle day: irregular cycles, but around the end of one cycle/beginning another.

Lots of luck to you ladies!! Looking forward to seeing your bfp's. Oh and symptom spotting, bloody love that.

Fayemaye same- I'm trying to hold out until Thursday.. If af doesn't arrive until then. But I don't like to think about seeing the little squinty line disappear.. Good luck to you whenever you choose to test.

PNGirl Wed 03-May-17 12:54:43

Hey everyone!

Joining from the last thread (just got my period 8 days late. So cruel!)

Age: 32
Cycle: 4 I guess? Came off the pill at New Year.
TTC: 1

Not sure when next period's due, having just had a 42 day cycle instead of 35 like usual.

user1492862687 Wed 03-May-17 15:00:30

Hi Sorry can't seem to change my user name!

All about me

Cycle 2
Day 13
Testing 18th May grineek

Smurf123 Wed 03-May-17 20:22:29

Hi all
Cycle 2 (after a missed miscarriage, chemical and another miscarriage - both miscarriages at 6w4d and 6w6d)
Ttc #1
Age 27
Cd 5
Bfp due 24th may
(been told by gp to do a test in 10 days due to light af this month - happened with last miscarriage and discovered a weak positive a week after an irregular af)

TheFlame Wed 03-May-17 21:26:30


cycle...ermmmm 8,9 or something
cd: 6 (so I'm actually going to have to work out the days this month, lol)
testing: 29th

though husband is away for a bit this month, not quite sure for how long, so we shall see

LeannieRVN Wed 03-May-17 21:42:41

Nice to have you new ladies, and so sorry to hear of your struggles and losses. I hope this thread will bring lots of positivity, luck and banter to carry us all along.

Disappointed for you PN . 8 days late really sucks. I always think " at least I can have a little glass of wine", but it's not much consolation when your nice, happy hormones are plummeting, right along side your hopes.

Oh faye that must be so hard. What stick did you use? Please let us know if you pluck up the courage to test again.

I'm keeping my fx for you smurf, hopefully you can keep busy and distracted for 10 days.


LeannieRVN Wed 03-May-17 21:47:47

Good luck for tomorrow 1000 xxx
Will be thinking of you xxx

DT2016 Wed 03-May-17 21:53:34

So sorry to hear of your losses ladies. It's so, so heartbreaking.
Really hoping that there's plenty of good news for everyone this month.
Has anyone heard of lunar fertility charting? I know it sounds a bit 'out there'...a friend mentioned it to me recently. It's all to do with the moon and the time you were born. There's websites you can put in your details and it gives you ovulation dates (and times!!). Who knows how true it is, but my lunar ovulation day coincides with my predicted actual ovulation this month. Here's hoping it's a good sign!!

1000jobstodo Thu 04-May-17 13:48:26

Well af has arrived late with a vengeance. So it was definitely a chemical pregnancy.. I'm really sad about it, but keeping busy. I'll remember my 3 bfp's smile
I'm not sure whether gp would want to put it on my record? Ladies with experience of this- do I have to do anything?
I think due to new test dates I'm
Technically testing next time in June but I'll hang around if that's ok as I want to see you ladies get your bfp's! Good luck to all.
On the up side, nice bottle of rose in the fridge and chocolate. Not had wine for 6 weeks (record for me other than my last pregnancy!) grin

Binglesplodge Thu 04-May-17 16:57:57

Oh I'm sorry, 1000. I've got no experience of chemical pregnancy but I'm sending hugs because I can imagine how sad you must feel. flowers

1000jobstodo Thu 04-May-17 18:03:43

Thanks bingle! Yes, although I'm not surprised as my symptoms were dropping off I always had a little bit of hope, and it's been a bit of a roller coaster. I was extremely lucky though to get as far as I did on my first cycle though so I'm staying positive. I did a little toast in my head to the bean that didn't settle (don't want the wording 'settle' to offend anyone who's been through the same, it's just the word that's made me feel better, as they couldn't stay. Sorry if that's the wrong word in anyone else's experience) with a glass of wine with dinner, and I'm now trying to look forward to this cycle. I'm not sure if my cycles will be messed up by this, but we'll see. Glad to be able to speak to you all going through the same time 2ww.

Good luck to everyone! Really want some more bfp's on this thread this month. smile

DT2016 Fri 05-May-17 06:42:41

So sorry 1000, sending hugs.
How is everyone else doing?
I'm just finishing my fertile window. Not feeling too hopeful that we'll get a BFP this month as didn't DTD as much as I'd hoped. Onto the TWW for me, with everything crossed for a miracle!

1000jobstodo Fri 05-May-17 07:33:15

Thanks DT got everything crossed for you. You might have this thread's first bfp! Good luck smile

Smurf123 Fri 05-May-17 17:18:58

Hi 1000 sorry for your loss. I'm fairly certain I had a chemical in December.. My af arrived a day or 2 early and I had to take a day off work I felt so ill. It was heavy but tbh I really didn't think it was pregnancy or miscarriage at this point. But 10 days later I was still bleeding and I read online do a test...I did and was shocked to get a positive on a digital one... A week and 3 tests later I got negative again but also a second lot of af like bleeding about 3 days after first ended... I booked a gp appointment... 10 days later I went to gp with appointment for what I thought was af to have started again... Anyway at that appointment I told her about all the bleeds but didn't tell her about the positive test.. As id had a negative since and i knew from the bleeding I couldn't be and tbh I didn't want to hear anyone tell me if had another miscarriage... Anyway she told me to come back one week later for a smear test (apparently that's done for irregular af). Honestly that idea freaked me out more than hearing if had another miscarriage and a close friend told me I needed to tell gp anyway I did tell her at that next appointment she said it was a chemical pregnancy in all likelihood but did say it was vital to tell them if that happened again esp as it would count towards 3 for rmc.
On a side note it turned out the last af like bleed was actually implantation.. She got a faint positive that day.. I made it to 6weeks 6 days (with a strong heartbeat since at 6w0d) with that pregnancy.. But main point is she did tell me they wanted to know if every got a positive test even if it didn't stick around very long!

DT2016 Fri 05-May-17 19:35:51

Thanks 1000. Most likely will be first on the thread to be moving onto next cycle and June Bus 😩

1000jobstodo Fri 05-May-17 19:47:46

I'm sorry you've been through that smurf. To have the m following all the unknown stage must have been heartbreaking! flowers
What you've said has been useful though thank you. I've told gp who also said it would go towards the three rm's, and she was very encouraging. Feeling much better today although this period is like nothing I've experienced before.

No DT think positive thoughts, this month could be your month! And if not we'll all continue onto the June bus together! I'm off to eat some chocolate and drink tea. Healthy eating starts tomorrow. Have a lovely evening all smile

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