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Really want Dc#2 at 35...

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user1490395938 Sun 30-Apr-17 15:35:44

Hello! New here so apologies if this isn't in the correct place.
In a nutshell....I'm 35 and dp is 51 and we would love a second Dc (already have a lovely DS aged 4). Been off pill for about 4 months and still nothing! I know it's very early days though. Neither of us smoke or drink, we eat healthily most of time and are active. Does anyone have any similar experience regarding older dads and whether this was considered an obstacle in becoming pregnant. Just to add, I fell pregnant very very quickly with our current child back in 2012. Took only 8 weeks of stopping the pill and bam, was pregnant! Am just worried now as I'm 35 and clock is ticking!!! Thanks in advance x

Thingymaboob Sun 30-Apr-17 17:48:09

It is very early days. Obviously it is possible to father children when older. Look at David Jason and many members of the Rolling Stones! Personally, I would give it another few months and then get his sperm checked.

user1490395938 Sun 30-Apr-17 20:05:44

Will do thank you!!

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Sun 30-Apr-17 20:07:35

My ex was 50 when we had ds 1. We had ds 2+ds 3 within 4 years no problems. . Mens age is rarely an issue. .
Lucky buggers!!

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