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Chances of pregnancy on nexplanon

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Kelsey123 Sun 30-Apr-17 11:32:21

Hi there,

I've have the nexplanon for 2 yrs now but more recently I've questioned if it's fitted correctly after a friend discovered hers wasn't and it was fitted by the same doctor... I'm sorting to move doctors atm and will get it checked by the new doctor once I have but I now wonder if I'm actually pregnant.

I have still had regular period and missed my most recent one... once it was a week late I decided to do a test just in case and it came up positive! A few days later I was getting spotting and went to the out of hours doctors who said I wasn't pregnant and to wait for the bleeding to stop but requested a blood test anyway. I then had bleeding on and off for 7 days but it never got overly heavy and tbh is have not filled a pad in a fill day let alone an hour. Now it's stopped and I'm still getting loads of pregnancy symptoms. I've got craving for foods I normally hate and food I normally eat loads make me feel sick, I'm going dizzy, feeling bloated and heavy, have mild stomach pains low down and in my back. Also just feel pregnant... iv also had people who have no idea if had these tests tell me they think I am!

If had bloods done by the doctors and should get the results Tuesday... what's the chances I am? Obviously it wasn't planned but I'd happily welcome a new baby and have really warmed to the idea now so think I'll be a bit heartbroken if I'm not.

Many thanks for reading smile

Sunshinesaz86 Sun 30-Apr-17 16:09:48

It's odd that you did a test and it was positive, did the doctor also do a urine test?

I would buy another test as soon as you can. If it's negative your probably not pregnant but see what your bloods say next week? If your feeling different it could be illness or the implant not suiting you?x

Kelsey123 Sun 30-Apr-17 18:35:14

Sorry I didn't say before yes doctor did a test which was negative... I've done 6 at home and 4 have bean faint positive, one negative and 1 invalid x

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