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39 trying for no. 2 - Need some advice...

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prayfordirection Sun 30-Apr-17 11:11:02

DH and I finally agreed to give a try for no. 2.

But it's very different from first round when I was much younger...

Do I need to do any check before trying to conceive?

I've only started taking folic acid. Do I have to take it over 3 months before trying?

It's quite embarrassing to admit... DH and I haven't had sex since I got pregnant with no.1. He's not very keen and has seen GP with test result coming back mostly normal for hormone level and etc. He concluded it's to do his mood and our bumpy relationship. There were a few times when we tried, he had trouble to hold it up. That probably put him off even more since then.

Anything we could do to make this easier?

infinite Sun 30-Apr-17 18:49:15

Bump up

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