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Late ovulation??

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FrostyPopThePenguinLord Thu 27-Apr-17 21:13:01

Hey guys this might be a badly worded question but I'm relatively new to this baby making thing and I'm not really sure what I'm on about.
Back story for context.
I got preggo first go in Jan, sadly was an ectopic, although planned we had no idea it would happen so fast because I have very mild PCOS.
We have been trying for the last two months, last month not successful, this month I've been really trying to get a handle on when things happen because I'm not very in tune with my body, so I've been using the cheaply ovulation sticks and I'm using an app to track it all.

This month when the app said I would be ovulating the sticks did not agree, the sticks said it happened on the 20th of April, but the first day of my last period was the 31st of March.
Based on my last period and my previous cycle lengths, the app says AF should start on the 30th of April.

Basically my question is does my AF due date stay the same if I ovulated later or will the AF be delayed proportionately to when I ovulated. So should I still be expecting AF on the 30th or will it be pushed back to around the 5th of May.
I'm worried that even if I did conceive when I ovulated that my body will keep storming on and go through a period anyway.
I'm just figure out that if I don't get my period on the 30th should I be hopeful that I'm pregnant or try and not get my hopes up until the theoretical later AF date arrives.

This is the messiest question I've ever asked and I have no idea if it makes any sense!! Sorry. X

Emma2803 Thu 27-Apr-17 21:20:46

If you ovulate late your period will be due later, so 5th may then.

Sorry to hear about your ectopic, hopefully this month will be your month.

Don't worry about the late ovulation, your body knows what to do. It will be ok, I didn't ovulate til cd21 this month and I got my bfp!

FrostyPopThePenguinLord Thu 27-Apr-17 22:09:53

Thank you, I'm just trying not to get my hopes up prematurely by standing by my old AF date.

Johno85 Sun 30-Apr-17 06:57:23

I would say go with your body and not necessarily the app. Things to look out for is the change in your cervical mucous (cm), ovulation pain and friskiness! Generally your luteal phase (lp, the time after ovulation and af) stays the same. So if you feel like you ov later then you can add on your average lp and that can help you plan when to test. Hope this helps in some way. Happy to answer any other questions. Good luck x

FrostyPopThePenguinLord Sun 30-Apr-17 10:42:14

Thank you, just got my BFP so I guess all my worrying was for nothing! Now let's just hope it sticks !!

Johno85 Sun 30-Apr-17 11:03:16

Ah congrats!!!! X

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