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EWCM info pls?

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WorshipTheGourd Thu 27-Apr-17 17:25:55

Does this appear before Ovulation or during pls?

I get really obvs clear egg white stuff around day 15.

Is this EWCM pls?

Writerwannabe83 Thu 27-Apr-17 18:45:38

I typically get my EWCM two days before I get a positive OPK.

You are the most fertile in the 5 days leading up to ovulation so if you have EWCM then get DTD smile

WorshipTheGourd Thu 27-Apr-17 18:50:33

THANKYOU!!! Writerwannabe83

MaisyPops Thu 27-Apr-17 18:53:40

I never get it. Makes me feel rubbish and worried.

Closest I get is watery. Just have to hope it's enough

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