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How late can you get a positive test?

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Lovelybeano Thu 27-Apr-17 13:38:46

Af was due last Friday, I tested on that day and it was a bfn. The chances are, the delay is just my cycles being a little messed up with breastfeeding. Plus oh didn't ejaculate anywhere near me, just tested the waters so to speak wink

So my question, is how late would you believe a negative test? If I waited until after this weekend and if no af shows up, I did another test and it came up as negative, would you trust it then? Surely it would show positive by 5.5 weeks if I was ?

I also have to add that I would be genuinely happy to be pregnant.

Thanks for reading smile

user1493122015 Thu 27-Apr-17 17:50:18

I've just spoken to my doctor and she said that a test will show up 3 weeks after conceptionsmile

Lovelybeano Thu 27-Apr-17 18:26:11

Thankyou, I'll try to leave testing until next weekend if af doesn't show up, then I'll know whether I've just missed a cycle or another ray of sunshine will be joining our family smile

user1493122015 Thu 27-Apr-17 18:46:32

It's so hard I hate waiting 😢

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