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Strange spotting? *TMI warning*

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Babybrain1791 Thu 27-Apr-17 12:52:28


Hi all

I was hoping someone could help..

Last month my period was over 2 weeks late which I put down to late ovulation as I'd had lots of ewcm (I've had this before)

Period was weird, came on super heavy, 2 days later it was hardly there - I usually have 6 day long heavy periods hmm

I thought nothing much of it as the rest of my cycle seemed normal - until CD15 when I had a big glob of yellow ewcm with a pink streak in it, very weird for me.

I thought it could have been ovulation - which I've never ever had- but this has carried on for 5 days now on and off and very light 🙄
Do I count it as ov?

To make matters more interesting, I took a FRER with fmu this morning and had a pink line that faded to nothing?!
It's far too early for implantation isn't it?

What do I do?!


MadMamma9 Thu 27-Apr-17 13:08:07

I had this with my second pregnancy, I had a period(or so I thought that lasted about 2 days) and then nothing. I tested a bit later and found out I was pregnant. It was a faint line but then darkened after a couple more weeks. This is just my experience, it may be something different, but I was pregnant under these circumstances. Hope this helps smile

Babybrain1791 Thu 27-Apr-17 15:07:23

That's really helpful, thank you!

The period I did have was quite heavy and had quite big clots but only so briefly, and I didn't have any pain and usually it's awful..
I remember thinking it was so weird.

I guess I just thought it would have definitely shown solidly on a test by now if it was that?

I also don't really have any symptoms, which makes me second guess it.

I guess all I can do is test in a couple of days? confused

MadMamma9 Thu 27-Apr-17 15:30:24

I didn't have any clots, but anything is possible. I wouldn't worry too much about the faint line, I had faint lines all the way through my first trimester with baby number 3. Even the nurse I saw doubted I was pregnant but I was like 'yes I am, it's just faint'. Never got darker with him for some reason but he was perfectly healthy and is now 11 months smile

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