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Advice please...

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user1493206238 Wed 26-Apr-17 15:05:14

Hi everyone, I am brand new here so please forgive me if I've submitted this in the wrong section.

I'm in desperate need of some advice or opinions.

We've been ttc for a year now. My OH has just had his sperm tested and the results were not perfect but apparently good enough for us to not worry.

I had positive opks on 11 and 12th April (cycle days 21 and 22). Since then I've been symptom spotting as you can imagine and keeping everything crossed.

It is now cycle day 36 and since Monday night I've had some minimal light brown spotting - mainly when I wipe after a wee bit not every time. It hasn't got heavier or anything and so I was praying it was IB but I think it's too late.

However, I am temping and had a temp drop on the 14th (cycle day 24) and so guess maybe I ovulated later than I thought...

So, I have had all BFN tests... no AF...

For 9 months my periods were 30 days but then January went to 36 and February went to 46 so I have no idea when I'm due on.

I'm at a loss!

Emma2803 Wed 26-Apr-17 15:44:45

You might still be a bit early to test? If you only ovulated on the 14th Monday would be 10dpo so a perfectly normal time for implantation to occur. Also depending on which test you use some are more sensitive than others.
I think I implanted at 7dpo and got a reasonably good positive on a first response early result at 12dpo, before that they were practically blank. And they are the most sensitive test.
Then did a own brand pink dye stick on 13 dpo and no line then yesterday morning did another and had a good line.

Maybe wait a day or two and get first response? And make sure to use first pee of the day!

Good luck!

Twinkletoes88 Wed 26-Apr-17 16:03:22

Thanks so much for replying to me.

I thought the same thing but how likely is it that I would get positive opks Tuesday and Wednesday and not actually ovulate until the Friday?

Twinkletoes88 Wed 26-Apr-17 16:04:53

Ps, good point re tests, I tested today and yesterday with internet cheapies (one step) as was so convinced I was out... may try with a FRER tomorrow :-)

Emma2803 Wed 26-Apr-17 16:15:44

Well I got positives on Sunday and Monday and didn't ovulate until Tuesday evening (had really bad ovulation pains) so I definitely think it's possible. And I'm assuming you got the drop Friday morning so could that mean you could have ovulated over night Thursday night?
Good luck with the frer!!

Emma2803 Wed 26-Apr-17 16:18:13

I also used them and they were very hard to read!

Twinkletoes88 Wed 26-Apr-17 16:33:02

I did have low back/side pains last Thursday all evening so you could be right (I pray you are!!).

Ah really? Interesting! You give me hope!

Thanks for your advice smile

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