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Confused with opks

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pocketfullofsunshine Sun 23-Apr-17 14:54:36

Hi ladies, so I'm sligjtly confused and it's my own fault. I'm addicted to POAS and I'm 11dpo. I peed on an opk a couple of days and only got the control line. Not even a faint line. So i didn't want to waste another hpt so i peed on an opk. I wish i didnt now, i got a faint 2nd line and i didn't the other day? Ive asked on previous thread and a helpful mum said the line needs to be as dark as the control line, but i didnt get a test line last time? Im due AF in 4 days and also heard you can get a lh surge just before AF sad

pocketfullofsunshine Sun 23-Apr-17 14:55:30

This is the test i did.
Also hpt came back BFN, but im only 11dpo sad

Waitingonasmile Sun 23-Apr-17 15:38:47

You do get surges throughout your cycle so there's no way to tell if you are pregnant from that test. Sorry! By tomorrow you should get a positive on a pregnancy test if you are pregnant. Good luck

pocketfullofsunshine Sun 23-Apr-17 16:28:58

Thank you for replying waiting smile
Will soon know then i suppose

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