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Late period, dark red/dark brown spotting, negative HPT

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user1490261811 Sun 23-Apr-17 11:24:33

Hi, I posted last month about stressing out because my periods still hasn't returned about 12 weeks after medical management of a miscarriage. I was panicking that perhaps I had ashermans syndrome. I went to my GP who told me everything was "still in the realms of normal" and to come back in a few months if nothing changed. Very helpful...not!! Anyway, I eventually got a very heavy period and have never been so happy to have it - I desperately want to start TTC again. However this month everything is off again. This is CD 32 and I've had cramping and dark red/dark brown spotting (not even really visible when I wipe, but I've been checking "up there" and there seems to be quite a lot - sorry TMI!) since CD 28, but no sign of my period. I did HPT's on CD 29 and CD 31, both negative. Has anyone been in this situation and if so, what was the outcome? Thanks for reading!

HollyWollyDooDah Sun 23-Apr-17 21:13:33

Sorry about your miscarriage,
I've just been through a couple of hellish weeks with family illness, diagnosis of pcos and moving house problems.
Been ttc for 2 years and surprisingly for the first time in my life (I'm 28) my periods have always been reasonably regular give or take three days, this has been for about 5 months now. Before I was having two weeks between bleeds.
Anyway, I completely missed my period this month, boobs felt a bit sensitive rather than sore and had a couple of nauseous days. Falling asleep early etc. However hpt negative - tried 6 different brands in the end.
Starting to spot on Friday but the tiniest amount and not every wipe.
I had fresh blood yesterday but again hardly anything. Dtd last night - no blood.
Today I've had the tiniest amount of dark brown blood.
Am guessing that it's just a late period due to stress but have gp in morning for something else so will mention it, Friday was cd 37

Maybe you're so stressed about it, your period is a no show? Give it a couple more days then test again if not see your gp?

Good luck and fingers crossed for you xxx

user1490261811 Sun 23-Apr-17 23:16:09

Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear you've been going through a hard time. Sounds like we've been experiencing similar symptoms - I've been feeling nauseous too and my boobs are a bit tender. Think I'm maybe just symptom spotting though. I think you're probably right about the stress. That just stresses me out more though if that makes sense? Worried I'll never have a normal cycle again. I actually had surgical management, not medical, that's why I'm worried about ashermans. Good luck with the GP tomorrow, maybe you could let me know how you get on? xx

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