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Positive OPK?

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sallywiththegoodhurr Sat 22-Apr-17 22:05:37

New to all this..
I have DC but I've never used OPK's before. I've been feeling cramping tonight, like AF was coming type cramps and I know O day is around now, just done an OPK out of interest and it's positive isn't it?? Control line is the green side.

Typical as DH is away tonight, we dtd the past 2 nights so hopefully that's enough!

physicskate Sat 22-Apr-17 22:19:52

Yes positive. Ov likely within the next 36 hours. It takes about 8-12 hours for sperm to into position, so if you could catch him in the morning too that'd be in time. Sounds like you're well covered

sallywiththegoodhurr Sat 22-Apr-17 22:42:17

Thank you. He's back in the morning so I'll try and get one in, bring on the dreaded tww...

sallywiththegoodhurr Sun 23-Apr-17 09:54:52

OPK negative this morning, test line was slightly lighter than control. Does that mean I should ovulate imminently?

physicskate Sun 23-Apr-17 10:06:07

In an ideal world, probably.

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