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I just really want to be a MUM :(

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jazzzygirl Fri 21-Apr-17 12:13:23

OK, so bear with - this could be a long message but I just need to rant.

I'm 25, single, and desperate to be a mum. I was raised with a strong religious background so am pretty set on the whole no-sex-before-marriage thing. BUT, all I have ever wanted and dreamed about is being a wife and a mum.

People ask me what I want to do with my lift and externally I'm like 'Oh, not sure yet, maybe just try and do well at work and work my way up', internally i'm screaming 'ALL I WANT IS TO HAVE A FAMILY AND BE A MUM!!!!!!!' sad

I suffer with PCOS and my mum had 7 unsuccesful pregnancies before me (some survived at 28wks for a couple of days but some didnt pass the 6 week mark. i was born at 25 weeks) so I have told myself I probably wouldn't be able to get pregnant anyway - I guess just to soften the blow of the fact that im 25 and haven't even had a bf - let alone anything serious enough for marriage - so my hopes and dreams are not looking like they can happen!

I guess I'm just a bit down in the dumps as it seems everyone and their dog is either settling down or having babies and I'm just here like: confused sad

Can anyone offer any words of wisdom or encouragement? Any similar stories?

Thank you! brew cake flowers

Kylieshotpants Fri 21-Apr-17 12:28:53

Hi jazzzygirl
I've been there. Decided i wanted to be a mum at 22. At 25 I was told that I was unlikely to be able to have a baby without ivf and found this very difficult. Then spent the next 10 years watching everyone have their babies and dealing with my failed relationships. Felt like it would never be my turn.
Now have a lovely husband and adopted my little girl at 40.
You do have lots of time but I know it's hard when you really want it. You will find the right person to do this with and who can support you if it's a struggle to conceive.
In the mean time live life to the full 😊

Emma2803 Fri 21-Apr-17 16:35:28

Hi jazzy! You are still so young sweetie you have loads of time left. Try not to worry xox it will happen for you.
Also fertility is not hereditary. My parents tried for 10 years before any of us were born, mum just could not get pregnant, when she finally did she lost that wee baby then went on to have my brother lost another and then had three more healthy babies.
I was very worried about this when I started trying but able to fall first month with my dc1 and fingers crossed I have got v v faint positive on first cycle of dc2. My sis has pcos and she has 2dc also conceived in a few months.

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