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Pains but not period

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SammyDan Thu 20-Apr-17 15:41:07

I don't know if anyone can give me advice but tearing my hair out here, I came off the pill Rigevidon in November and had a withdrawal period in December but since then every month I have period pains, get moody, crave chocolate etc and then NOTHING. I monitor my temperature and it seems to be up at the moment and Natural cycles app said I ovulated mid month but still nothing. I had a scan and they said one ovary was slightly Polycystic and told me to go for blood tests. Has anyone else had a similar experience when coming off the pill? Just concerned the pill masked something more serious as most websites say 3 months and it will be normal. Agh. X

yallamamma Thu 20-Apr-17 21:07:55

I've just posted a thread.... also came off rigevidon recently and have had some pretty intense cramping, no period yet but it's only one month for me.

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