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Digital pregnancy test

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user1492687418 Thu 20-Apr-17 12:28:27

Hello! smile

I am 15 days late and today I've decided to do the pregnancy test with clear blue digital test

and so this happen

Oysterbabe Thu 20-Apr-17 13:02:54

Looks faulty!

user1492687418 Thu 20-Apr-17 14:21:25

Thank you ^^

But what should I do now? I mean I am 15 days late with my period and I am so afraid to be happy though.
Because we had been trying for year...and again and again the same result an -

physicskate Thu 20-Apr-17 14:29:56

Get another test? Is going to the gp for a blood test an option?

Chintaria Thu 20-Apr-17 14:31:22

Can I ask where you are user? In Belgium the digital tests come up with a negative sign just like that if you're not pregnant. I don't think it's a faulty test, sorry op.

gamerchick Thu 20-Apr-17 14:31:31

Get another test that isnt a digital and do that one.

user1492687418 Thu 20-Apr-17 16:54:06

i will make a blood test tomorrow...But i am so afraid why I am late, if this is negative, I was kinda happy this may be a start plus :'D so dumb I am hehe

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