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Cycles out of sync post children

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Sodabread Thu 20-Apr-17 10:41:42

I have a 4 yo ds and a 20 month old ds. Breast fed both until 15/16 months. Both times periods did not come back until 6 weeks after stopping breastfeeding completely, even though at that point I was only doing a ten minute evening feed.

First time periods came back on first cycle I got pregnant but had a mmc, not picked up until 12 week scan. Then waited to have Ercp. Then again took 6/7weeks or so for periods to return, but again after first cycle got pregnant with my now 20 month old.

We are thinking about a third, and as I am 36, thinking I should do it sooner rather than later. However, since periods have returned at Christmas cycles are longer 42 ish days (they were always a bit variable, but normally like 35 days and I have always ovulated later in my cycle). I'm not actively tracking them as I am hoping they will settle down , but I'm getting impatient as it's now coming towards end of April and they don't seem to be settling. I'm also actively not trying currently as I feel that with my cycles being all over the place it is unlikely to work or could end up with another miscarriage. Just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom?

I guess maybe I should start tracking, to check I am definitely ovulating....

Oysterbabe Sat 22-Apr-17 12:42:01

I would start tracking. Pre-DD I was a 28 days on the nose kinda girl. Last couple of cycles have been 39 days hmm
OPKs suggest ovulation at around CD25 so this fits. I'm 36 too.

Sodabread Mon 24-Apr-17 18:48:24

Thanks, think I might have ovulated sat, which is day 31!!! Was very painful. But marginally earlier than last month. Will track next month....

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