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Doe a hangover give you stronger lines? 😳 Pic inside

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SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Thu 20-Apr-17 07:24:53

Yesterday I did the top test. Was tre hungover.
Last night I drank many pints of water and this morning tests is the bottom.

Can I put the stronger test down to more concentrated urine? Or should I worry?

I'm due on in 3 days.

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Thu 20-Apr-17 07:25:29

Pic would help!

justtheonethen Thu 20-Apr-17 08:19:30

The more dehydrated your urine is the stronger the line, so being hungover will probably do that!

It's still early but tentative congratulations!

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Thu 20-Apr-17 10:00:28

THank you.

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