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Pregnancy test?

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User4258 Wed 19-Apr-17 20:17:29

I said I wouldn't do this...
I've had 2 miscarriages already and I'm early in testing but I haven't used first response before can you give me your thoughts...

physicskate Wed 19-Apr-17 20:39:41

There is something there... not sure what though! How many dpo?? I know it's hard but test again in a day or two to see if the line develops... is it fmu?

Oysterbabe Wed 19-Apr-17 20:55:59

I can't see anything I'm afraid.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Wed 19-Apr-17 20:58:02

I think I can see something there. Was it the first wee of the day?
Maybe leave it to he weekend and then test again.
Fingers crossed for you.

Sewingbeatshousework Wed 19-Apr-17 21:01:55

I can definitely see a faint line, how early are you?

User4258 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:17:45

It's a first response early pregnancy test from Amazon..
No its not first of the day but was taken just after 8 o'clock tonight.. I know your suppost to do it in the morning. Its about a week early.
I know (and I did before I did the test!) that it's really too early for it to show anything but I couldn't help myself..

User4258 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:18:40

Thanks for your comments it's nice to hear other people's thoughts on it :-)

MulderitsmeX Wed 19-Apr-17 22:03:42

I've found cameras are not really great for picking up lines, I reckon that could be one in the last pic?

BlueeSpottyTiger Wed 19-Apr-17 22:34:40

I can definitely see a line.. especially on the middle pic x

Floggingmolly Wed 19-Apr-17 22:36:38

I can't see anything, I'm afraid. Why are you testing a week early?

happybus28 Wed 19-Apr-17 22:37:04

I see it!

BlueeSpottyTiger Wed 19-Apr-17 22:37:05

Here I've inverted it negative for you.. you can see the line alot easier this way.. Congrats x

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Thu 20-Apr-17 06:16:05

I can actually see a sniffter of a line.

Do you have another test to use you FMU with?

I'm really sorry OP but I can't see anything flowers
Hopefully you'll get a clear line with FMU today

User4258 Thu 20-Apr-17 15:35:56

Thanks guys..
I'm going to try and hold out a few more days. It's hard to grab it in a photo. I know I'm too early to test really but I was having a bad day.. Just had bloods taken for rmc and my due date has just past and I have a gp appointment coming up.. I just thought if I got a positive test then at least I could talk to gp about whether there is anything I could do to try and help things along..
And tbh I keep thinking I have some early pregnancy signs so in some way I was hoping a test would give a definitive either way.. Instead I'm still not sure cos it did look like there could have been a very very faint line there.
I've only one test left so I think I'll hold out as long as I can so at least it will then give a better answer

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Thu 20-Apr-17 17:35:28

All the best. Everything crossed for you flowers

BlueeSpottyTiger Sun 23-Apr-17 10:08:51

Any update? X

Sazwest Sun 23-Apr-17 10:53:19

Any update xx

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