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BFP due 29th April......anyone else?

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LeannieRVN Wed 19-Apr-17 19:58:13

I'm in the 6dpo in the 2ww and obsessively googling symptoms! Anyone in the same boat?

Mummy081212 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:59:34

I am 7dpo and getting no symptoms what so ever! I'm like squashing my boobs every half hour thinking 'do they hurt?' 😂😂😂

LeannieRVN Wed 19-Apr-17 20:51:01

Ha ha, I did that this morning- and checked my nappies for darkening....needless to say tgeyre tge same as normal....groan...

Oysterbabe Wed 19-Apr-17 20:53:37

Aren't the nappies a bit of a mood killer when it comes to DTD?

BrutusMcDogface Wed 19-Apr-17 20:55:05

Pahahaha!! Nipples, maybe?! grin

First signs of pregnancy for me included nipples and areola growing bigger!

PNGirl Wed 19-Apr-17 21:25:39

8dpo here, period due on the 26th. I have backache, spots (never get them usually) and bloating. Tested negative today so I'll give it a week I guess.

Reanie Wed 19-Apr-17 21:30:20

I'm 4dpo, other than mild cramping I haven't had any symptoms. Still very early days though.

LeannieRVN Wed 19-Apr-17 23:17:25

Paahaaaa grin nipples, yes! One of best autocorrect fails of all time

FrostyPopThePenguinLord Thu 20-Apr-17 01:11:47

In theory af is due on the 30th for me so fingers crossed she stays the hell away this month and I get a BFP.
I want to symptom spot and all that jazz but I was so disappointed last month I'm trying to be really strict...(and not waste a billion pregnancy tests). We have had a difficult few months due to an ectopic in Jan and it was my first pregnancy but onwards and upwards now we hope.
Good luck everyone

happybus28 Thu 20-Apr-17 07:44:14

I'm 7dpo today, AF due on the 27th. No symptoms really other than slight cramping/twinges in my pelvic area every now and then. I have tender boobs too but they are always sore after OV anyway so not sure that means anything!

pocketfullofsunshine Thu 20-Apr-17 08:01:25

Hi ladies hope you don't mind me joining.
Currently 8dpo, had mild cramps until 4dpo and woke this morning feeling odd. Can't explain it, just a sick nauseous kind of feeling.
7 days until AF is due, driving me mad haha.

Hope you all get your BFP's this month

Binglesplodge Thu 20-Apr-17 08:05:24

Me! Trying not to symptom spot too much: this is my first try at conceiving number 2 and last time I conceived number 1 first try. That means I've got absolutely zero experience of a TWW that doesn't result in a bfp...

Coffeecoffeebuzzbuzzbuzz Thu 20-Apr-17 08:31:23

Me too. In theory due on 30th but last month my cycle was only 25 days so could be due sooner? 1st month of trying for dc2. Also managed first try with dc1 so nervous too. Trying not to symptom spot but I do have some breast tenderness but also get that before af. Not sure when to test as I don't know when i ovulated and with my cycles being a bit irregular recently don't know when would be best. Fingers crossed for lots of bfp on this thread.

pocketfullofsunshine Thu 20-Apr-17 08:46:10

@bingle & @coffee
I also got pregnant with DS straight away. Wasn't even trying.. this is now cycle 2 and I'm very frustrated it's not happening as quickly as before. Driving me nuts, keep telling myself to stop SS because i highly doubt I am pregnant sad

Smurf123 Thu 20-Apr-17 22:36:33

Can i join you :-) af due 28th April.
I'm glad I'm not the only one constantly thinking about it!!! I'm trying desperately not to symptom spot... It isn't working!!!

Tinkerbell2319 Thu 20-Apr-17 22:57:17

I'm due on 27th but not really feeling anything yet (bit bloated but Easter chocolate has more to do with that I think 🙄)

LeannieRVN Fri 21-Apr-17 11:15:11

I was super crazy at work yesterday so didn't have a chance to look on here. Lively to read yoyr post! Hello to all!
Sorry to hear about you rubbish luck Frosty. Sending you lots of good vibes for this month.
Nausea sounds like a positive Sunshine! How are you today?
Hi to all the new people! Great for us ton have buddies forr the ride (frustrating as it can be).
I got my days muddled and I'm actually 7dpo today. I'm very emotional, irritable, and sensitive. Feeling a little despondent as I think it might be pmt. Trying not to waste sticks as I know it waaaay to early.

LeannieRVN Fri 21-Apr-17 11:28:53

Coffee/buzz (not sure which to call you!). Are you thinking of using an early preg test? They say they can detect hcg 5days before AF is due. I don't know when to test either...what do the rest of you think/know? Are they accurate?

happybus28 Fri 21-Apr-17 12:29:36

I think they can show earlier but depends how quick your HCG level is rising and at what point implantation happened. I'm going to try and wait for AF but I'll probably cave and do a FRER as couple of days before

speakfriendandenter Fri 21-Apr-17 13:25:44

Hi all,
I'm either due AF on 25th or 29th, different apps giving different predictions due to irregular cycles.
I got a peak result on OPK on 13th, had some cramping/backache on 17th and today I feel quite nauseous.
Hope you're all doing ok x

Smurf123 Fri 21-Apr-17 14:23:34

I have a first response one here that says it is 76% accurate at 6 days before af and 96% 5days before... But don't know how that holds up in reality.. I'm 7 days out atm and ideally want to wait until af is late.. Not sure I'll get to that point though I just want to know either way!!

Coffeecoffeebuzzbuzzbuzz Fri 21-Apr-17 15:05:53

I'm thinking of testing this weekend (which would either put me three days before my period or about 6) with an early response test. Breast tenderness is still continuing though so am hopeful. Keeping fingers crossed for everyone.

Binglesplodge Fri 21-Apr-17 17:08:26

Fingers crossed all round: good luck to the early testers. You know you want to...

I've got 2 Sainsbury's cheapies in the bathroom so I'm going to try to wait until the 29th if I can.

Yesterday and today I feel as if AF will arrive any moment: not so much painful cramps as just dull dragging and a heavy feeling. Since it's not due for a week I'm optimistic as I felt this way with my first pregnancy. I also feel queasy but that's easy to imagine when I'm looking for symptoms...

LeannieRVN Fri 21-Apr-17 20:40:55

Yes, me too with the wonky c cycle. I was always 25-26 days but lately they've been long. My last was 32days! I wondered if it's the prenatal vits I've been on....
Different apps giving me different predictions like Speakfriend (exactly the same actually!) And I too have that heavy feeling....I'm encourage by I assumed it was just plain old pms, but hopefully it's too early, as you say.
I'm thinking I'll poas tomorrow. It's a CB one...
Good luck to you other early testing birdies!

1000jobstodo Fri 21-Apr-17 21:29:56

Hi all! Hope I can join. Due af between 30th April to 3rd May. Irregular cycles hmm but I know I've ovulated. Felt very odd on 17th/18th. Very early to symptom spot but I am feeling very odd today. I cried over a curry earlier. Odd. Also lots of cramping. I implanted very early after ovulation in my last pregnancy so I'm hoping if I'm extremely lucky and get a bfp it'll show on a FRER on 29th ish.

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