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How long did it take?

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Mrshand123 Wed 19-Apr-17 15:18:26

I had last depo shot nearly 8months ago. I have just got my first period since. I was wondering how long it took for people to get pregnant from having their periods back? smile

Lemonnaise Wed 19-Apr-17 15:34:18

3 months for me. Good luck.

Mrshand123 Wed 19-Apr-17 15:45:06

That's not too long 😍 I hope it doesn't take too. I can't wait for a baby x

Rockandrollwithit Wed 19-Apr-17 15:48:51

The first time - a year
The second time - happened in the first month.

GimbleInTheWabe Wed 19-Apr-17 17:11:09

I was only on the depo for 6 months (really hated it! Gained over a stone, skin broke out, lots of feeling down) but my period came back within a month if I remember correctly. DP and I then got our BFP the first month of trying too so it can't have been stuck in my system for too long. Good luck to you! smile

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