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Pcos really?

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Westnorwood Wed 19-Apr-17 13:01:28

Me and my partner have been ttc since the start of the year.

Between Feb/March I had a very long cycle 7/8 weeks (Normally I have my period every 34 days give or take).

My doctor ordered day 3 bloods which she said were normal and an ultrasound.

The ultrasound came back with the presence of polycysts and my go diagnosed pcos. She wants my partner to give a sample of sperm.

Is it too early to be worried about this? My opks show a clear spike and I don't seem to have any other symptoms of pcos.

Can I be ovulating? Any advise?

physicskate Wed 19-Apr-17 13:57:04

Bloody hell... I've. Even ttc for a year and they won't give me any tests for another year because I've had chemical pregnancies...

You could try the 'wait and see' approach. I would try temping to confirm ov (opks only tell you that you're gearing up to ov not that you actually do). If tests will stress you out, you could wait! Are you over 35?

Westnorwood Wed 19-Apr-17 14:04:16

I'll be 34 next week.

I have been trying to temp and it does show a raise but I haven't been completely consistent.

I will be waiting but can't help reading things online about pcos.

Anna2006 Wed 19-Apr-17 22:42:58


Your GP is incorrect in diagnosing you with PCOS if the above information is all they have given you. I think PCOS gets thrown around as it's the term mainly used an heard of.

PCOS is a metabolic syndrome. It is normally a combination of irregular periods, pokycystic ovaries and raised androgen (testerone levels). Along with raised LH compared to FSH. Women with PCOS can have several of these things but it isn't necessarily all of them. Usually two or more gives a diagnosis. Women can have PCOS an actually not have cysts on their ovaries but their bloods can show they have the syndrome. So it's all slightly complicated.

PCO which is polycystic ovaries or also known as polyfollicular ovaries is NOT the same as PCOS. You can have polycystic ovaries and not have the syndrome. PCO does not cause any metabolic issues and therefore does not alter fertility.

I had day 3 bloods done 18 months ago and a scan done. I've always had 28 day regular cycle. It started moving around mildly to 25 days or 30 days (realised eventually this was due to stress & it eventually settled down) but that's why I initially went in. My scan showed polycystic ovaries. My bloods came back normal. GP said under no circumstances do I have PCOS because my bloods are normal so I cannot have the syndrome. I have PCO which is not the same thing. I was a bit sceptical an wasn't sure they'd got it right. Anyway fast forward to us ttc. Fell pregnant first time. I was shocked. Thought I wasn't ever going to get pregnant as I'd convinced myself I had PCOS. Sadly I mc at 13 week as it was blighted ovum. On that scan at EPU the sonograoher checked my ovaries and said yes they were mildly polycystic but it really wasn't bad at all an cystic ovaries is actually really common an she sees it all the time! Like 1/3 of women will have mildly cystic ovaries and never be aware of it & it ever affect fertility.

I've just been back for day 3 bloods as it's been 6 months since mc. All came back normal again where I was told I am perfectly healthy and fertile. And my mild cystic ovaries makes no difference to me conceiving again. I ovulate every single month.

I really would ask your GP to confirm why they've given you a PCOS diagnose? Did they say they would give you meds?

Hope any of that information has been helpful. It can all be a bit confusing. But just because you have multiple follicles on your ovaries that are cysts does not mean you have PCOS.

Westnorwood Thu 20-Apr-17 10:41:52

Thank you both very much, fingers crossed for this month.

I think my GP looked at the scan and the fact I had gone in initially as I skipped a period and felt this made the criteria.

I have charted my temps (but missed a few) and I have gone from 36.09c before ovulation to 36.66 today so I do think I am ovulating.

I think when they did my bloods they were 4.5 lh and 8.5 fsh.

Westnorwood Thu 20-Apr-17 10:42:48

They wouldn't do a referral/meds without my other halfs sperm analysis.

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