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Mid cycle bleeding HELP!

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FirstTimer07 Wed 19-Apr-17 07:52:45

I've always been a lurker on the threads but this is my first post so bear with me!
I concieved ds1 after 3 months of trying and I came off the pill in Jan to try for number 2!
I have a had regular 28 day cycles since ttc and according to ovulation kits ovulated around days 12-14.
This month though I started bleeding light pink blood around ovulation. TMI ALERT-this was in my urine, in knickers and over the sheets after dtd. This carried on for 5 days and has now turned into mucous brown discharge blush
I am due af the 22nd. I have also done two pregnancy tests, one fr and one cb and both negative.
Seen my gp who was unhelpful as always and I'm stressed which I'm actually not for once! grin
Because I'm ttc I'm panicking that there's something wrong confused
I'm 27 and had a fibroid before I gave birth to ds but had cervical exam a couple of months ago and gp could feel no large ones.
Please help with any words of wisdom!
Thank you smile

FirstTimer07 Wed 19-Apr-17 08:05:13

I should also say when it was coming out in my urine I kept getting very tiny little bright red clots but sort from that bleeding was light pink in colour!

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