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Omg BFP?

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SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Wed 19-Apr-17 07:45:14

This wasn't with FMU, would a FRER work with SMU??

OddBoots Wed 19-Apr-17 07:48:11

I think it probably would, although it depends how much you drink, if it is very dilute it may not work, I'd leave it as long as you can.

I certainly see a second line on that test.

TheseAreTheGoodOldDays Wed 19-Apr-17 08:07:11

I see a line smile

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Wed 19-Apr-17 08:09:26

Is there a faint sniffter of a line on this too or am I seeing things?

physicskate Wed 19-Apr-17 08:13:04

I can see both

BlueeSpottyTiger Wed 19-Apr-17 08:22:04

That's what my bfp looked like on a frer...she's now sat next to me being a mess pot.. Congratulations grin xx

happybus28 Wed 19-Apr-17 08:25:27

Definitely a line! Congratulations! How many DPO are you?

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Wed 19-Apr-17 08:56:56

Im not totally sure. Due on in 4 days, 27 day cycles.

I'm still being open minded until I'm officially 'late' just in case it's a 'chemical' or whatever it is.

Thanks for the replies.

Foreverhopeful22 Wed 19-Apr-17 08:57:39

Can you invert the picture as that shows better normally

BlueeSpottyTiger Wed 19-Apr-17 09:02:02

Here you go.. inverted it.. definitely there!
I got my bfp at 9dpo... so i was 4 days before af too.. your being sensible of course but you can still be happy wink

Foreverhopeful22 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:04:03

Congratulations I can see it!

WarmestRegards Wed 19-Apr-17 09:07:57

Hee hee! How exciting, I can see the lines!
The worst part about this is you never get to have that wow moment of YES IM PREGNANT! It's always... I might be... I think I am... I'm 50/50... ok that's quite dark now... right the digi says pregnant... etc etc
It's a funny thing!

Congratulations! smile

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Wed 19-Apr-17 09:32:30

I took another pic after the school run. It's pinked up nicely!


Foreverhopeful22 Wed 19-Apr-17 11:41:48

Huge congratulations to you !

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