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First 2ww - at home insemination. Newbie

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SamJay1990 Tue 18-Apr-17 11:19:52

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if TMI-
I am 26 years old and me and my partner have wanted a child for a few years now. We have been together for 6 years. I suffer from Secondary Vaginismus, quite badly. We are unable to have PIV sex at the moment and it will be quite a while until we can. I am working with dilators and other treatment to get through this.

However we both agreed we didn't want to wait any longer. So we got a small plastic sterile pot, and a 10ml sterile needleless syringe to use.

I propped myself up on pillows(under lower back) My OH did his deed in the pot and I held it next to my body to keep it warm whilst it 'Liquidised' I then used the syringe to draw it in slowly. I inserted the syringe(which is roughly 3.5inches) all the way in, and slowly pressed the plunger until it was empty. I kept the syringe inside me for about 5 minutes, at this point hips still raised.
I also had an orgasm as I heard it could potentially help the sperm on their journey!

I did this yesterday morning, which was day 11 of my cycle however I am sure I am ovulating. Have not used tests just going by EWCM and libido. Did the same again this morning but this time the plunger got jammed and it all 'shot in' very quickly! Not sure if that is good or bad. blush

As far as I know I don't have any fertility issues, apart from the fact that I cannot currently have intercourse! So I am hoping this isn't a long process however with doing it a not so natural way I am expecting a few tries at least. If anyone has any tips for me, or you know other people who have been successful doing it this way that would help!

Thank you smile

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