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Af or spotting?? please help.

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Mrshand123 Mon 17-Apr-17 14:34:51

hello, ive been off the depo for 4.5 months now and its been 7.5 months since last injection. (no periods for nearly 2 years) been having cramps, pms, pregnancy symptoms ect since stopping it, and the last few days ive had horrible cramping. today i woke up went for normal morning pee lol, and there it was! pink on the tissue, i was bleeding for a few hours, very very light but noticeable. ive got sore cramps and breast very sensitive. my question is, is it af finally coming or spotting? i have been in a great mood today ( not usually this happy on my period) but the thought my body getting back to normal is very exciting as i so want a baby smile
thanks for your advise

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