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HighlandMcChancer Mon 17-Apr-17 11:21:53

Mega squinter 4 days late is this Evap or because it's a shitty blue dye test or is it a v v v faint BFP?

AmyC86 Mon 17-Apr-17 11:41:46

That's no way a squinter. Congratulations!

Sharl2017 Mon 17-Apr-17 11:44:19


Do another to make sure, but there is definitely two lines there!

HighlandMcChancer Mon 17-Apr-17 11:52:48

Been trying almost 7 months so not wanting to believe it quite yet will do a pink test tomorrow with FMU as that was third pee of the day! xxx

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Mon 17-Apr-17 12:06:48

I don't want to be the one to burst the balloon but at 4 days late it really shouldn't be a squinted. And blue dye tests are notorious for their 'evaps'.

If you're 4 days late you won't need to wait for FMU, it will pick it up now.

BasinHaircut Mon 17-Apr-17 12:16:18

I can quite clearly see a line there. Get thee to a shop for a pink one if you are worried it's evap, but I agree that's no squinter smile

HighlandMcChancer Mon 17-Apr-17 12:54:45

No no sorry no bubbles have been burst I've not blown them yet haha that's what's worrying me, I would've liked a strong line at 4 days late but can't remember what my lines were like last time my youngest is 4 🙈 xx

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