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Does ovulation cause cervical cramping?

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IfeelFloopy Mon 17-Apr-17 09:39:40

My boyfriend and I have this month started TTC for the first time. We have decided to try and take it easy for a while without stressing out if we don't conceive so I haven't got or used ovulation strips.

We have been having sex every other day for the last few days around when (according to my tracker) I'm due to ovulate. I usually have 28 day cycles, occasionally give or take a day or 2.

Yesterday I was having cramping type pains which I assumed could be ovulation. I get this most months around this time. But from what I've read, these pains are usually described as one sided. Mine feel like (and always have felt like) the ache is in the area of my cervix - a low central feeling. Is this likely to be ovulation though? I do remember a couple of days ago also feeling a short sharp pain on my right hand side that felt like a singular stab and made me jump then disappeared. I'm sure I've felt this before, confusingly this also sounds like the release of the egg. Does anyone else get cervix pain?

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