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So very confused!

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Millypad Sat 15-Apr-17 22:26:10

Hello ladies,

I have popped up several times here recently so please forgive repetition but I am v confuddled.

My last period started 8 March. It's important to say I was irregular after my D&C in Oct - that was only my second AF since then. From 20th March DH and I DTD several times just in case and on 28th March I had two days of cramps and spotting. I thought 'ah, this is it!' Took a pregnancy test on day AF should be (if I had normal cycle, still not sure what is happening there) and negative. Now a week and a half later and I'm still negative. But here's the thing. My nipples are sore, I have an excess of CM (sorry) and heartburn has suddenly reared up. I've put weight on and a weird nosebleed occurred the other night. Is there any chance tests are wrong or am I just going bonkers?!

Thissameearth Sat 15-Apr-17 22:31:52

Sorry about last year. I can see why you're confused with that selection of symptoms although I guess it can also just be random. What has your longest cycle been and are you now past that date in current cycle? What type/brand of tests did you use?

Millypad Sun 16-Apr-17 19:11:04

Thank you for your kind thoughts!

It's difficult to say re: cycles as before I fell pregnant last year I was on the pill, so have never really known. I do have mild PCOS and endo though so likely to have a slightly messed up cycle. I used a variety of tests (been flipping expensive!) frer, Superdrug, cb and boots

Thissameearth Sun 16-Apr-17 21:16:07

Ok so it is day 40 of your cycle. You don't have a regular cycle so testing on "normal" due date is not indicative of pregnancy or otherwise for you. However if you had spotting and cramping on 28th then I presume you were thinking implantation bleed? Given what an imp bleed means, I would expect a positive to be showing on test now as it's 19 days later. Esp with first response which i think is the most sensitive Of course that may not have been implantation, but you may have been lucky later in the cycle. That said, if symptoms are pregnancy related then might that not indicate high HCG which therefore should translate into a positive FRER?! Eek it's all confusing.

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