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Pcos success

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Costalot1 Sat 15-Apr-17 21:32:30

Hi, just wanted to post my pcos success story. Was diagnosed at age 14 and barely have periods and if I do they're extremely heavy or I spot for weeks at a time. Ttc for 3 years, barely had any periods so couldn't really track my cycles. tried Clomid for months without success.... went for ivf, was 2 weeks from starting injections (had all the meds etc in cupboard) and found out I was 11 weeks pregnant, conceived naturally. Those 3 years of trying were the most horrendously depressing 3 years. 16 months later and maybe 1-2 periods (didn't breastfeed) had some clomid left over, decided to use it and conceived on the first cycle. Good luck ladies, don't give up hope xxx

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