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Anyone else on the long road after the depo????

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Mrshand123 Sat 15-Apr-17 19:17:13

hello i had my last shot in September, i was supposed to get one on December 5th but we decided it was time to try again. (last one ended in mmc). I know it can take along time to get pregnant but im still waiting on af to come and make a visit. its been 4.5 months without the injection and 7.5 months since my shot. i get terrible cramps everyday, im very hormonal, put weight on, sore sore breasts and the last few days pain has got a lot worse. is af coming or depo tormenting me still sad how long did it take you to get periods back? causing so much discomfort. i desperately want a baby. everyone seems to be getting pregnant x

MmmAsparagus Sat 15-Apr-17 20:57:48

Hi there,

I was on the depo for 2 years. Came off April 2015. First period September 2015. Don't think I started ovulating until May 2016. Got a BFP in December 2016 but miscarried at 5 weeks. Just become pregnant again & currently 4weeks+4days.
Hoping this one will stick!

So in all 2ish years. I'm not going to lie - it was a hard slog, especially when everyone else around me seemed to be pregnant Or get pregnant so easily.

The depo was the worst decision of my life sad wouldn't ever recommend it.

Hope that helps!
Good luck! smile

SayenRose Sat 15-Apr-17 21:30:44

Years ago now, but I had my first and last depo injection in Jan 2009 and never went back for a second in the March. Periods returned eventually in Sept 2009 and I did get pregnant with DC #2 in Oct 2009.

It didn't take too long compared to others but I'd only had the one shot and it affected me for 6 months!

Hope your BFP comes soon flowers

DappledThings Sat 15-Apr-17 22:22:23

Had my last injection November 2012, finally got a period April 2014. Can take a while!

HungryHorace Sun 16-Apr-17 06:41:14

I went onto depo in the summer of 1999, and was on it until my July 2007 jab wore off. I went onto the pill after a very short break of no contraception and was on that for about a year, during which time I had barely-there periods (needed 1-2 tampons a month).

I went back on it in Jan/Feb 2009 and then had my last jab in early Dec 2011. When this wore off in Feb 2012 I went back onto the pill as I wanted depo out of my system but wasn't planning on TTC until I was married in Oct. When I went onto the pill this time I had 'normal' (for me) periods right from the start.

I came off the pill in May 2012 and conceived DD within 5 months (my cycle lengths were all over the shop, even if the flow was normal, so I was on my 6th cycle when I fell pregnant).

I was definitely ovulating for most of that time (bad OV pain plus positive OPKs).

Apparently the average time from last jab to conception is 10 months, which I was almost exactly. However, I know I'm really lucky as it really was quite straight forwards for me (I was also almost-36, so not exactly young, fertility-wise).

You'll hear some post-depo horror stories. Some may be a coincidence (i.e that person would've struggled anyway, but the obvious thing to blame is depo. Impossible to know if that's the case though).

I'm proof that it doesn't always take forever / cause issues.

Mrshand123 Sun 16-Apr-17 19:29:32

thanks everyone,

please tell me this pain goes away????/ im in so much pain today :'(

SSF8 Sun 16-Apr-17 21:02:28

Hi. I had my last injection in may 2016. Was due another injection August 2016 (and my smear too) had my smear and decided not to get my injection as we wanted to try for baby number 2.
My periods came back straight away and we're regular within 2 months (26-27 day cycle).
I am now on month 8 TTC. It's so frustrating, and the feeling each month when AF arrives is heartbreaking.
I wish I'd known all the con's of depo provera before I had it!

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