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Total squinter

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flitterglitter Fri 14-Apr-17 15:45:03

Hi, been ttc nearly 3 years. Have I finally lost the plot or can you seen the faintest of lines?

dangle90 Fri 14-Apr-17 15:47:48

I can see it! Fx it's a sticky one, good luck xx

SelfObsessionHoney Fri 14-Apr-17 15:49:24

I can see it!

MiniAlphaBravo Fri 14-Apr-17 15:51:53

Yes it's there, how exciting!

flitterglitter Fri 14-Apr-17 18:37:10

Thank you so much. I'm not convinced, you can only see it in certain lights so I'm thinking not, but thank you for commenting, it means a lot x

Piehunter Fri 14-Apr-17 18:41:18

A line is a line! I can see it!

LittleMouseontheDairy Fri 14-Apr-17 20:01:31

I can see it easily! Good luck op!

flitterglitter Fri 14-Apr-17 20:44:59

Thank you so much. Fingers crossed for tomorrow x

emvy Fri 14-Apr-17 20:47:07

I can also see it! Keep testing! Best of luck x

holzyb20 Fri 14-Apr-17 21:01:49

Is that a superdrug early response test? X

Pastaagain78 Fri 14-Apr-17 21:03:40


LoveDeathPrizes Fri 14-Apr-17 21:06:28

Oh god I hope so!!! Good luck!

flitterglitter Fri 14-Apr-17 21:06:44

Thank you x
No it's a home bargains cheapy (I have spent an obscene amount on pregnancy tests over the last nearly 3 years) blushx

Sazwest Fri 14-Apr-17 21:45:29

@flitterglitter I can see a line smilesmile how many dpo are you xx

flitterglitter Fri 14-Apr-17 21:57:39

Thank you saz smile, I'm not sure, I'm cd 30 and my cycles have ranged from 21 days to 33 recently. The more I think about it the more I think it probably isn't true, it's hard to believe after all this time. I think I'll probably be on cd1 tomorrow

Sazwest Fri 14-Apr-17 21:59:08

You won't it's deffo a positive lovely xx

onedsrightnow Fri 14-Apr-17 22:08:31

I can never see a line, but can clearly see it here! Congrats, lovely surprise smile

flitterglitter Fri 14-Apr-17 22:19:42

You are all so lovely, thank you xx

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Sat 15-Apr-17 08:26:51

If Ian a Superdrug test don't trust it.

Try another make. Good luck.

SorryForCallingYourMumACunt Sat 15-Apr-17 08:27:51

Ooh just seen that it isn't, I totally missed that post.

Hopefully you'll get an even darker one this morning. Good luck!

emvy Sat 15-Apr-17 08:46:13

I'm one for testing with at least of a couple of brands so I'd also suggest maybe buying a different make and testing with that as well smile

Piehunter Sat 15-Apr-17 09:16:51

I've never had anything looking like a line on a home bargains test so ime they're not known for throwing up weird marks etc like Superdrug or lloyds. Keep POAS! grin

flitterglitter Sat 15-Apr-17 20:45:06

Hi all. Really disappointed today as I've POAS several times but nothing. It must have been one of those weird happenings yesterday - thought it was too good to be true

emvy Sat 15-Apr-17 20:53:34

Oh no I'm so sorry sad is your AF late?

flitterglitter Sat 15-Apr-17 21:06:41

Thank you emvy - I'm gutted. My cycles are very different lengths but going off my longest ever cycle I should have had af today at the latest. Knowing my luck I'm now going to have even longer cycles sad

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