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Late period but still getting negatives? please help

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lollypop1990 Thu 13-Apr-17 14:42:34

Please help...!!
I am now 4 days late for my period, I keep getting negative results on several different brands, did one this afternoon and got something very faint but think that might be an evaporation line.
I've been waiting 2 days now for the doc to get back to me to book me in for a blood test but my doctors are complete idiots to be honest!!
I have been getting lots of symptoms like lower back ache, cramping, feeling randomly nauseous, put off food that I really love, dizzy, hot flushes and randomly feeling so warm (I'm only 26) twinges like a pulling in my pelvic region, peeing more and so much more. Has anyone been through this and what was the outcome please. Feel literally lost

dangle90 Thu 13-Apr-17 14:50:19

This happened to me last month. Was convinced I was pregnant had loads of symptoms and had a faint positive on 2 tests but BFN on all the rest. Period arrived 4 days late sad hope you have a better outcome than me. Unfortunately our bodies just have strange cycles some times. Good luck x

InsideOutUpsideDown Thu 13-Apr-17 15:07:11

Im currently Cd45 (have recently come off bcp but last month thought id gone back to my pre pill 28 day cycle as it was bang on) got bfn up til my last test last week, cant be bothered now, im just riding it out thinking i probably never ov'd last month (quite a stressful week leaving up to ov) and ive heard its more common than people think to just skip a month. I had so many symptoms, still do, but i cant keep stressing about it. Im booked in for bloods next week as my doc said its nothing unusual to be three weeks late.

lollypop1990 Thu 13-Apr-17 15:28:21

I've always been regular even down to the time frame on my period due date, ive never once been late in so many years apart from when I was pregnant in 2015 (ended up in a missed miscarriage). me and my partner where having a lot of sex around the time I was ovulating.
my friend had a positive on the tenth day of the missed period so I'm so unsure what is going on

lollypop1990 Thu 13-Apr-17 18:52:04

Just got home from my doctors and it works out I'm 9-10 days late as I messed up my dates of when I'm due on. She has booked me in for a blood test and said that if I am pregnant it may not pick up yet as I may have had a late ovulation and a late implantation. booked in for Tuesday so a long agonising wait but thankfully results only take 2 days to come back to my doctors surgery x

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