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Flashing Smiley on CBOPK on CD28 when I've already ovulated?

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Stewart2016 Thu 13-Apr-17 14:23:48

Hi Ladies! Right I'm in a bit of a pickle!

My fiancé and I are trying to conceive baby number 1 we've been trying for about 7 months with no luck so far!

I've been using the clear blue dual hormone ovulation kits for the past 2 cycles.. on CD12 I started using them and had my first flashing smiley... this continued until CD14 when I had my static smiley which is supposed to suggest ovulation is going to happen within 12-24 hours... on CD15 I had brown discharge mixed with egg white cervical mucus.. so we continued to bed.. on CD16 my cervical mucus dried up which I assumed ovulation was done.. I took another test from OPK which went back to the empty circle.

I'm now on CD28 and AF is due tomorrow.. however on CD26 I swear I saw a faint positive on one of those internet 10 miu tests you can get, didn't think much of it because the next day I took a clear blue pregnancy test and it came back negative.. I have heard that apparently OPK kits can indicate pregnancy so I thought what the hell il have a go.. so this morning I took the dual hormone test again and had a flashing smiley face?!!!!!!

Can anyone tell me what this could possibly mean or am I being an absolute looney tune! Haha

I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms what's so ever sad so I'm assuming I'm out in just so confused.. can anybody help me out with this? Sorry this is a long one.. I'm just driving myself insane!

Thanks in advance ladies

Imogen x

fuzzywuzzy Thu 13-Apr-17 14:26:39

I get faint lines on opk's right before af is due.

I've not tried opk as a pregnancy tests, you should get a bfp on a normal hpt if it's showing on a opk.

Stewart2016 Thu 13-Apr-17 14:32:20

Hi Fuzzywuzzy!

Thanks for your reply smile

Oh thank god! I thought I was going insane! Haha, that's what I thought about the positive pregnancy test.. I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow.. she better not play with me and turn up when she's meant too! Haha

Imogen x

Sazwest Thu 13-Apr-17 20:36:08

Hi @Stewart2016 my AF is due Tuesday 18thapril I've been having a few symptoms i.e. Feeling and also been sick, tiredness, hunger and I didn't any hpt in so used an opk yesterday at 8dpo both lines came up same darkness (i ovulated either 4/5 April had opks that showed the surge the lines then were of same darkness) so I bought a hpt last night to do with fmu today I did and Very very faint line showed up (I'm 9dpo today) I also did an opk again and that also come up both lines the same. I've got a frer to do with fmu tomorrow xx

Stewart2016 Thu 13-Apr-17 20:52:52

Hi Sazwest!

Thanks for commenting smile

Oh my goodness congrats on your BFP!!
Did you just use the internet cheapie OPK?
I've got the clear blue digital hormone one and I know I ovulated around 30/31 march.. has I had 3 days prior to that with flashing smileys then on the 30th I had my solid smiley... I haven't had any symptoms at all really no CM that has completely dried up sad nothing... I'm due tomorrow for my period and I'm sure the witch will get me... I just don't understand why I had a flashing smiley this morning on the OPK some woman apparently do get LH surges before their period.. so I'm not holding on to much hope haha! I will have to wait and see if she arrives tomorrow on time!

Imogen x

Sazwest Thu 13-Apr-17 21:14:45

Yes @Stewart2016 I used the Internet opk Cheapies. My af not due till Tuesday so will test with frer fmu in the morning to see if it picks it up like it did this morning the line was very very faint on this morning test. I have a thread on here called opk & pregnancy my pics are on there the opk j done and also my test from today if you want to have a look xx

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