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Peak Ovulation 26 March... still no period/not pregnant. What's happening?!

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Mamaready Tue 11-Apr-17 21:04:06

TTC cycle 1... tested high ovulation on clear blue digital opk from 20-25 March & peak ovulation on 26 March. It's now 16 days since I supposedly ovulated, why hasn't my AF arrived? I thought once you ovulation your AF has to come a set amount of days after? Definitely not pregnant as tested daily for a week and not even a hint of a line!

onedsrightnow Tue 11-Apr-17 21:44:27

Are you coming off any contraceptive? That might delay af. Also I think opks only show the surge before ovulation so it is possible that ovulation didn't happen. Hopefully you will get good news in a few days though

littleemma1 Mon 17-Apr-17 09:37:29

Hi Mamaready
I'm now CD 52 with no AF.
Since coming off pill in December 2016 having been on it for 11 years, had my usual withdrawal bleed and then 2 cycles since then, 1st was 47 days and 2nd was 35 days long.
I'm now 16 days late for my projected AF based on ovulation (peak OPK), have had negative urine and blood pregnancy tests from GP now so I'm being sent for an ultrasound (were technically not TTC ATM and only using the withdrawal method hence the tests recommended by the GP)
I have bad bad cramp pains like period pains both in my lower abdomen and back but no other sign of AF. Really hope there's no serious underlying issue when I go for the scan as will be starting to officially TTC soon. Whats your update? xxx

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