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Dates / Miscarriage / UNSURE!

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xagirlwholovesglitterx Tue 11-Apr-17 20:24:06

hi girls,

im total unsure on a situation.
i use a period app to track my periods as its easier, but i do think the ovulation day and fertility week isnt correct. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks pregnant end of February. ive had a normal period 25th - 29th march. i wanted my body to full heal and get back to itself before trying again. However, i havent been 'trying' as such, we just haven't been preventing pregnancy if that makes sense. we've had sex the 2nd and 7th April. im having terrible headaches and dizziness, had a bit of tummy ache and today i've caught my nipples in the shower and it hurt so much it was noticeable, and i have also had an increase in discharge. its only reqlly been in the last week an half ghat things have been noticed. but more so the last 3/4 days. I dont want to think theyre pregnancy symptoms because i dont think it adds up. and considering when we were having sex it wasnt on my mind at all was just enjoying the moment.

but now im starting to question things because i havent been told to return to drs or anything. just how soon after a miscarriage can you become fertile again and how soon after do you ovulate. has anyone experienced something similar?

emvy Tue 11-Apr-17 20:51:54

As far as I'm aware, ovulation can happen pretty quickly after a mc so it's certainly possible for you to be pregnant. It varies from person to person, as a typical cycle would and can be completely out of your usual cycle. There's a possibility there! Fx for you x

xagirlwholovesglitterx Tue 11-Apr-17 22:41:49

emvy - thanks for your post smile

well see i did read that miscarriages cause your body to become more prone to getting pregnant again. but because obviously i havent got anything to go off ovulation wise its hard to actually pin-point when ovulation day is! like you say in an average cycle id imagine it to be around now or within a day or two as that would be 14 days after period. but then again, its only my first
bleed sins the miscarriage. it was definitely a period as it was completely normal like i have them. so god knows! i think i just needed to hear it from someone else that its a possibility. cos i havent been trying to get pregnant and i havent been sittin around 'symptom' watching as people call it cos like i say, its not something we tried for. just havent been preventing it, but just realising it will happen when it happens. im alot more relaxed so i guess that alone makes it possible because theres no stress.

GreedyDuck Wed 12-Apr-17 06:53:15

I got pregnant again after the first period I had post miscarriage. It was a bit of a shock! I had been tracking ovulation though, and my cycle had pretty much returned to normal and I ovulated at my usual time.

It is nervewracking, but there's a good thread somewhere around here for pregnancy after mc. Fingers crossed for a sticky one.

emvy Wed 12-Apr-17 08:02:58

It sounds like all is back in working order then smile I hope it's a bfp for you! Best of luck!

onedsrightnow Wed 12-Apr-17 08:14:26

I find my tummy ache and sore nipples indicate ovulation too, fingers crossed for you!

xagirlwholovesglitterx Wed 12-Apr-17 11:05:35

hey girls, GreedyDuck did you? thats lovely smile how far are you now?
emvy - hopefully! i mean i knew my cervix was closing as they checked during my miscarriage and he said then that it was closing and that it would start to ease up now and it done, but was in a lot of pain afterwards from the bloody cervix clamp.
onedsrightnow - really. thats really unique!

see because i read in multiple places (and i know you shouldnt read everything but sometimes its a bit of a comfort thing) that between end of miscarriage and after your first period for a few weeks your at your most fertile. if i track my ovulation on my period app tracker its saying the 8th is ovulation. but if i track my ovulation on a ovulation calculator its saying the 9th. and any days between the 7th and 10th is when i am most likely to get caught. well the 2nd is 6/7 days of both of those and then the 7 is obviously the day before or 2 days before. and sperm can live up to a week can't it in your tubes. But i was having discharge around the 4th 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th is when i started having tummy ache which was only mild and on and off, and then headaches and dizziness started yesterday. I'm thinking its way too early to be seeing any pregnancy signs but my next period is due in 9 days. and i only looked at all these things yesterday when i posted this as like i say it wasnt something i was 'trying for' just enjoying it and things as was the first time sins the miscarriage this month that we've even been able to so really was just enjoying that more than anything.

I think i'm just unsure because im not actually sure if the 8th or 9th is my ovulation because it can be funny can't it after pregnancy and some people ovulate a little earlier or a little later.

quite honestly im too 'unsure' to get my hopes up and im too nervous to see it as a positive sign at the moment. seems daft but every time ive ever wrote anything on here about seeing possible pregnancy signs its ended up not being. i guess in 9/10 days time i will soon know.

emvy Wed 12-Apr-17 11:30:12

Try and keep yourself busy over the next couple of weeks before you can test - best of luck to you! smile

xagirlwholovesglitterx Wed 12-Apr-17 12:15:16

emvy - absolutely. got things planned with friends and then its may daughters party next weekend so that will be nice. so irl have plenty of things to keep me busy smile

xagirlwholovesglitterx Sat 22-Apr-17 18:15:33

Hi girls,

its been a while sins i posted.
just wanted to update...

started having tummy ache, thought nothing of it. was sick monday 3am and tuesday 3am. tested wednesday, came back positive straight away. and alot clearer than last time.

need some advise though please ladies.

we only had sex the 2nd and the 7th, i ovulated on the 9th. that would make me about what 2/3 weeks. when i tested this early before it took ages to come up and its the same brand of test. so im startin to think did i ovulate earlier.

also when would everyone recommend going to drs as i had a miscarriage and dont want to start gettin carried away again like last time.

thankyou xxx

xagirlwholovesglitterx Sat 22-Apr-17 18:28:51

thought id add the test pic on.
1st one was more or less straight away
2nd one was the same test just photo taken the following day

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