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PMA Express to BFP Thread #5

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Hippychic79 Tue 11-Apr-17 12:55:18

So we are rolling on to thread #five –
We are not giving up, our PMA is still alive.

Put pure and simply,
We want to have babies,
God, please help everyone of these lovely ladies.

We support each other,
We are funny and kind,
And we will not be giving up,
Until we see that thick BFP line.

ArchiesMamaBird Tue 11-Apr-17 13:35:06

Awwww love it Hippy. This WILL be the thread where we all get our BFP's smile

Hippychic79 Tue 11-Apr-17 13:46:46

Archies Yes bring on our BFP's . I am very excited for your covert operation by the way, I didn't comment too much yesterday as I was still very much feeling sorry for myself. Your DH sounds like he's got the right attitude - in that he won't need his test as you'll be upduffed by then ... bless him. Why are men so much more chilled than us?


ArchiesMamaBird Tue 11-Apr-17 14:09:21

Hippy Yes he's definitely got the PMA going on! Drives me bonkers sometimes and I've accused him of not caring about having another baby because he doesn't get upset each month like me, but I think it's just because he's so bloody chilled that he knows it will happen when it's meant to grin

I should be receiving my box of goodies any day now, apparently it fits through the letter box which is a bit different from the last trial I did when they sent a huge box full of folders, paperwork and urine test pots!

CakesALot Tue 11-Apr-17 15:24:21

Hi lovelies and the lovely new thread. The one where all our bfps arrive, right?!

sarahboro1 Tue 11-Apr-17 15:29:03

Gosh I can't believe we're on thread 5 already??!! Guess it's true girls can talk for England!! 😂

Rainbow I'm so happy to hear you're looking at the positives from this, you go girl!! I can also understand your hubbys attitude tho as mine is the same, ignore it and it will pass. Not very helpful to us but I know it's just his way of handling things. Xx

Love the poem hippy!! Great to see your pma is returning!! #cantkeepagoodgirldown!! Xx

AmandaP86x Tue 11-Apr-17 15:30:43

Hi girls found yous!!!

I actually am not too disheartened this month. Trying to remain positive. Booked a wee 4 night break in Spain & I am the godmother to my best friends baby in a few weeks so have lots to look forward too. I firmly believe baby will happen when it's meant to again. I just always thought I would be pregnant by the time by due date came around & it's so far not looking very likely but I'll keep going.

Just doing a spring clean right now kinda half regretting it but will enjoy the tidiness later lol.

I have 5 CB OPK left don't know what to do this month. Maybe just go with the flow and leave them for a couple of months BF isn't like as desperate as me like if I was ovulating he would be like ok let's DTD when iv looked back on app I think I was nightshift the whole weekend I was ovulating 🙈 Maybe my cycle is now settling vack into a normal 28 day cycle. Which would be good.

Also first thing after seeing AF this morning was another scan pic on fb 🙄 X

AmandaP86x Tue 11-Apr-17 15:31:11

He wouldn't be*

BellaMoon Tue 11-Apr-17 15:39:38


Ohb0llocks Tue 11-Apr-17 15:55:18

Hey all!

Checking in...

Midwife called today... rearranged my booking in until next Tuesday, I'll be almost 10 weeks! Annoyed me so much I cried blush

ArchiesMamaBird Tue 11-Apr-17 16:06:25

Ohb ugh how annoying!! I'm not surprised you cried, all those pregnancy hormones rushing around grin

Itsjustaphase84 Tue 11-Apr-17 16:47:51

Sorry about af AmandaP. Bloody shit feeling isn't it. I'm always such a bitch when it arrives. Especially with my DP when he doesn't understand. I'm out at a family meal tomorrow and already preparing myself on responses to the TTC conversations... Blah

I usually have straight forward cycles and I've just noticed the faintest of pink when I wiped myself. I'm cd23 8dpo according to ff (I didn't opk this cycle). I never ever spot or anything like it between cycles. I'm now trying to relax and not think about it whilst frantically searching everything I can about implantation bleeding

I'm also wondering if my huge wad of toilet paper was too close to my back passage analysis fissure/pile that DC1 gave to me. Ahem sorry... confused

Anna2006 Tue 11-Apr-17 16:55:49

Sorry about AF Amanda. Blooming biatch. She knocked on lots of our doors recently. She must be in the neighbourhood!

This has to be the thread ladies!! We've been slacking in anymore BFP's recently. It's all been witchy mc witch. Come on ladies!

bella is it you next to test?! 🙏

Anna2006 Tue 11-Apr-17 16:56:54

phase fingers crossed it could be some implantation spotting. Deffo should try avoid google though. Google is NOT our friend lol. Google is mean.

Dollydaydream2829 Tue 11-Apr-17 17:03:20

Woop woop! Thread 5 ladies!!

Sorry about AF amanda - she's a bugger! Glad you're staying optimistic though! I had many a FW spent on nightshift - it was so frustrating!

rainbow sounds like an awful time! I also work in a gynae& early pregnancy ward and never known an ectopic to get to 11weeks without rupturing severely so although you won't feel like it, focus on the miracle that is your tube being saved (and most probably your life!)

I'm so excited for your trial archies - hope it brings you success and lots of pleasure wink

phase sounds very positive! Fingers crossed your our next BFP and it's some implantation bleeding!

ohb that's frustrating! Why did they rearrange? They should hopefully have your booking scan arranged for you beforehand or even as you go in since its close!

I had my scan today ladies and I'm so happy that my little pecan nut has been growing and it's exactly the right size with a good strong heartbeat. I'm so relieved - because of the bleeding and my symtoms getting better, I'd completely pepped myself up to take the bad news as positive as I could. So I was even more thrilled with the outcome. I've attached my scan pics- top one is now at 9+2 and bottom one is 7+2 - madness the size difference?!
This is what you all have to look forward to! It's so bloody worth it, promise!

AmandaP86x Tue 11-Apr-17 17:09:37

Awwww dolly that is amazing so so happy for u!!!! How long did it take to get ur BFP again??? And I know nights r such a bloody hinderance 😭

sarahboro1 Tue 11-Apr-17 17:19:55

Phase fx it's implantation for you!!! Xx

Why oh why can't Mother Nature give us all a break??!! I usually ovulate around day 15-17, I'm on cd 12 today and a faint line has appeared on my opk, but hubby isn't home until cd14!!!! Fx Peggy makes her way down nice and slowly otherwise there's another cycle down the swany!! 🙈 Xx

sarahboro1 Tue 11-Apr-17 17:22:50

Aww Dolly look at that little pecan!!!! 😍😍😍

Dollydaydream2829 Tue 11-Apr-17 17:23:03

Thanks amanda - we were trying for 6months in total - 3months at the start, I had very relaxed approach to TTC, no OPKs or tracking etc. Then the last 3months, kicked up a gear and tracked everything, used Pre-seed etc. Well worth the wait - even if at the time, I thought it would never happen! 6months looking back isn't a long time to conceive however, when you're going through it, every single cycle feels like 6months! Especially the TWW!

Aw no sarah - if it's just faint then hopefully you won't get your true positive until tomorrow at the earliest and that should time up well??

sarahboro1 Tue 11-Apr-17 17:34:26

Fx I'll get another faint tomorrow, long shot I know but I need to give the Doreen's time to travel before Peggy appears!! And that's assuming he's up for it when he gets home!!! Xx

AmandaP86x Tue 11-Apr-17 17:50:23

I might try this preseed lol! Part of me wants to relax other part wants me to track haha.

So this is cycle 6 for me post d&c. So my body is probably just getting back into sync etc but maybe I'll preseed this month ha ha!! Oh I kno it defo seems so long but I know what u mean.

@rainbow did u have d&c last week did u say? Have u had much bleeding since? Took me 8 weeks to get my period after d&c x

CakesALot Tue 11-Apr-17 18:16:32

Awww @Dollydaydream2829 that's the cutest pecan ever! So pleased for you!

@Itsjustaphase84 definitely sounds promising. Fx for you!

BellaMoon Tue 11-Apr-17 18:57:05

aw @AmandaP86x shit shitty mcshitness... sorry about AF, she's so early as you and i were BFP buddies! glad you have found a positive in that you're regulating towards 28day cycle #theresalwaysapluswithPMA

@Anna2006 from my terribly composed list i think @Roseandbee is up before me. im sunday and i'm sure Rose is Friday #babiesonthebrain

@Dollydaydream2829 OMFG thank you sooo much for sharing your scan pics. i'm in awe of the miracle that your body has created #pecanmiracle

@Hippychic79 thank you for the new thread, you have such proactive admin skills. you're gonna be one of those mums who's always on the ball, no missed school picture day or sports day #supermuminthemaking

@Itsjustaphase84 oh.... my.... gawd (janice from friends style) that totally sounds like implantation bleed to me BUT step away from google if you can #sitbackrelaxandenjoy

hope all our lovely ladies are well and overflowing with #PMA

sooo i'm cd23 and BFP due 16/04 - my DH has totally chilled out and isn't following me around to make me POAS which is brilliant, he was getting right on my titties doing that. so in turn, i'm chilled too (remember i POAS from 4DPO first cycle). have had loads of creamy cm last two days and that's the only thing i'd say iv noticed in terms of symptoms #knickerwatchinfullswing

Anna2006 Tue 11-Apr-17 18:58:44

Aww Dolly so pleased everything is okay! Yay for the baby!

Yes 6 months is quite average when ttc but agree it feels like a lifetime when your doing it! An wish it just happened straight away every time. But that's life. We must slog on.

Archie how many months did it take you to fall pregnant with your first? I can't remember if you'd mentioned or not or if this journey has been longer?

Amanda I'm on 6th cycle since mc too. Waited my first AF out so we've had 5 goes and onto number 6. FX these could be winning cycles!

Roseandbee Tue 11-Apr-17 19:11:53

a new thread, exciting, fingers crossed this is the one!

Yup im the 14th, although i did test today and bfn :-/ but it was just an IC so not giving up just yet and also not had my usual pre AF spotting, which should've started yesterday so that could be something positive. @bellaMoon my DH wants me to POAS tomorrow on a FRER, im kinda tempted to wait for my AF date now which is Good Friday, as that sounds like a good day to get a BFP, but Easter Sunday sounds even better so good luck to you!

Dolly thats great news about your scan, and yes thats a lot of growth! so exciting!

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