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Ttc after mc 'hormonally confused'

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MrsPan Mon 10-Apr-17 07:01:09

So had a mmc in January, yes JANUARY and issues surrounding this still aren't resolved. It's been a pretty traumatic experience..... didn't pass retained product until the start of march. I had opted for medical management which I regret as I didn't stop bleeding until nearly the end of March!

After some very uncaring and insensitive staff at the EPU I finally had a scan that gave the all clear and told me to expect to stop bleeding in 2 weeks. I had 5 days of not bleeding before the flooding began. One week of changing pads every hour with no slowing down. GP spoke to the EPU who refused to see me as I have a neg pg test. The obs and gyne consultant told gp to give me a 7 day try of progesterone to stop the bleeding as I am hormonally confused and it wasn't a period.

This worked but GP said I would have a period less than a week after the progesterone. I'm now 13 days after last tablet and still no signs of period arriving.

My first pg was a loss at 20 weeks and I was lucky enough to have a rainbow. This never ending miscarriage saga is really challenging my sanity at the moment and bringing back a lot of the sadness from the first loss. I NEED this to be over.

So.... advice please... do I need to be more patient and wait or is this sounding like something is wrong? Is it normal to have to wait this long for period after provera?

Bubblesblue Mon 10-Apr-17 22:14:54

Didn't want to read & run. So sorry for your loss flowers

I've not had the same experience as you, i.e. the prescribed progesterone. Since your gp prescribed it, have you been back to see them after no AF? Sounds like EPU has been a nightmare for you, so uncessary IMO

MrsPan Sat 15-Apr-17 09:47:25

Thank you Bubblesblue. I've been so frustrated about the whole process. GP recommended I made a formal complaint and I didn't but now I think I might. Seeing GP on tues and going to ask for a private referral to. Gyne consultant as I've been googling why period hasn't arrived and have been frightened but possible reasons!

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